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NTFS to Centera Migrations Retention Category question

Created: 26 Sep 2012 • Updated: 09 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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O.K. now I understand where come the difference of space ocupied between EV vs Centera, thanks all for that.

Anoter question about this migration is regarding the retention categories. If I don't define in Centera a class name to link to EV retention category there will be any impact on the retention on mail objects ?

The class name on Centera act like an insurance for Centera objects and application (EV) will not have rights to delete the objects until meet the time condition from Centera class, wright ?

Before migrate all the content from NTFS to Centera I will  set the Compliance Plus feature on Centera and also set in EV the retention to "Only for a Centera Compliance Plus model" in the Centera Vault Store Partition to make sure that the objects migrated will be compliant and expire according to internal policy.

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Well the most important question is, what mode is your centera in?
Is it in Compliance or Governance mode at all?

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right now (in tesing) the Centera is in Basic mode, but I will change the mode to Compliance Plus before start the migration.



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Using a retention class on the Centera will allow you flexibility in the future if you (or your legal team) then decide that you dont want to keep the items that your absolutely had to keep previously (your insurance policy)

With governance edition you DO have the option of using privileged delete with third party apps (EV does not support this feature) to remove data if you accidentally stored stuff you later want to expire. Compliance plus...once it is stored it is stored till expiry time.

Have a read of the following whitepaper from EMC regarding Centera and Enterprise Vault best practices if you havent seen it yet:



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Thanks for the info.

Before migration I will enable Compliance Plus feature on Centera and set the retention on the EV Partition Store - Centera to "Only for a Centera Compliance Plus model" and after this I will start the NTFS migration process. When the migration process is finished, I will close the NTFS partition and after some time delete the partition from EV and also the files from NTFS LUN.

I will come back with details after migration (1 TB)