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NTFSto Centera Migrator utility, temporay folder and StorageFileWatch

Created: 03 May 2013 | 8 comments

Hello the community

We are currently migration from HP EVA storage to a Centera storage using NTFSTOCentera utility.

We operated the migration from 2 EV Cluster each attached to a different VaultStore. We are using Enterprise Vault V10

During migration for each we noticed the following behavior :

- Cluster 1 : the temporary folder were  fullfilled and data were  copied progressively to Centera. But size of temporary folder never exceed 5GB. Besides we have, archiving task that starts between 3PM and 6:30 PM

- Cluster 2 : Temporary were  fullfilled up to the whole size of data to be migrated. Migrator utility ended with success but data were still on temporary folder. Migration to Centera started when a scheduled archiving task started at 9:00 PM.

Can someone explain me how the NTFS To Centera works ? When content of temporaty folder is migrated to Centera ? Do we need to launch an archiving task to empty temporary folder ? is it configurable ?   

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Are there any errors in the EV App log?  Something does sound a bit off, almost as if the storage service wasn't running or the vault store was in backup mode.

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Migration requires Storage Service to be restarted before it can start.

Migration to Centera started when a scheduled archiving task started at 9:00 PM. ---- It seems that storage service was restarted before the scheduled archiving started.

Can you post the options which you used to run the migrator?

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And when you say temp location, does it mean you have collections enabled for centera partition? That must be your stagging location

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Hi all,

I'm the technical consulting on Enterprise Vault for Exchange and I use the NTFSCenteraMigrator tool to migrate data from NTFS to Centera. On each EV cluster the Enterprise Vault Storage service is always running. Thus, the Storage service is running before the migration starting.

Sure, see the following one options used on each job to run the migrator :

" Share archived items: Enabled, Collection: Enabled, Threads: 25, Threads priority: Normal, Saveset sharing: Force on, Delete Missing Savesets: Disabled, Remove Unselected Sharers: Disabled, Error wait time: 2 seconds, Error retry count: 1 and Error pause time: 1 minute "

Thanks in advance for your help

Kind Regards, 

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Hi all

And thanks for your anwser. Franck B works with me. he answered to your questions.

Collections is enabled on Centera partitions.

There is no errors in EV App Log


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Ok. whats the version of EV?

I see following technotes refers to similar issues where centera staging location wasnot clearing up:

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Hi all,

Thanks for your reply.

We use the version 10.0.2 of EV on our Production environment.

I'm going to look these following Symantec KB :

I let you asap,

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi all,

Unfortunately, both KB "TECH144758" and "TECH201700" did not exist anymore on ""

Please, could you provide me links update to access to these Symantec KB ?

Thanks in advance for your help.