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A number of issues with SEP 5.1.9 & thin client

Created: 16 Sep 2011 | 2 comments


I currently have a number of issues with SEP V5.1.9 and would be grateful for any advice that  may be available: -

1. We have had to recently re-install the policy manager and I have notice that the catalina.out file keeps growing, after looking at the support articles I edited the conf.proprerties file and mande the following two suggested changes: -

a. Added the 'scm.log.loglevel=OFF' line & I also restarted the Symantec service as well

b. I have made sure that the line in not in the file and restarted the Windows service

Which ever option I go for the file still seems to be growing (it grew by 200MB over night), Is there any option to stop the file growing at all?

2. This version of SEP is currently being used on HP thin clients (with EWF) and having failed to get the AV signatures to write through the EWF I am now trying a different tack of switching off the EWF and then applying the signature updates. I have no issue with switching off the EWF, but I am hitting problems with automating the AV signature down load to the clients. Below are the details of how far I have got so far: -

a. I have imported the latest signatures in to the policy manager.

b. I have tried to use 'smc -updateconfig' from the client, but I am not sure if this will work, as I believe that the policy manager was being affected by issue1.

c.. I have looked on a thin client to try and identify the files involved and I believe they may be antivir.def and/or signstor.dat, if this is correct any idea how they can be extracted from the policy manager?

I am basically looking for a way to automate the process for transferring the updated sinaures from the plocy manager to the client so it can by scripted and run via Altiris.

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Support for the legacy 5.x product is going to be hard to find in the forums. I suggest you open a case with Symantec Support ASAP. There are experts with SSEP there to help.

Online -

Phone -



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Hi Paul,

I have some exp with SEP XPe.. however can you confirm with that the update comes only once per week? (normally on Wednesday US time)


--- I think you need to disable the finest log , Symantec KB should explained all... if still fail then you need to contact support


-- check connection from your clients to the Policy Manager, make sure the firewall is open for port 8014/80....

-- also you can schedule update from Policy Manager to client, you dont have to extract the definition manually...i think the definitions file is .daz...  you may check it under link below

go to xpeupdate folder..