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Number of times, cleaning tape can be used

Created: 18 Jul 2013 | 7 comments

how many times the number of cleaning tape can be used?

Where can I checked that?

We are using DELL Tape Library TL4000

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The default number is 50. Observe the information displayed for the slots containing a cleaning cartridge. The number of Media Loads represent how many times the cleaning cartridge has been used. The number 50, minus that Media Load number represents the number of uses remaining.

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Thanks Anrut Alok...

one question for you.. you meant that we can use the cleaning tape maimum 50 times, right?

And what is the meaning of "Maximum number of cleaning" check box mentioned on the below article:

If the "Number of cleanings" is reached to the maximum number of cleanings, the cleaning job won't run??

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The cleaning job will run but would not do any cleaning of the drive.

Confirm with the cleaning tape manufacture documentation that the cleaning tape has not reached it limit in how many times it can be cleaned.

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My question is that if I have set the Maximum number of cleanings to 20 and the attempted number of cleanings are 29 so here, what the status of the Maximum number of cleanings is true or not and how it effects on cleaning job??

clarification: I have this setting in Backup Exec and Cleaning job is runing successfullly..

I want to know the exact meaning of the Maximum number of cleanings..

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I would like to know the difference in the age of the cleaning tape and normal backup tape??


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It is best that you check the Cleaning cartridge for this information. Different vendors have different recomended age for the cleaning tape.

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The maximum number of cleanings is just a number which you set to remind yourself.  It does not have any effect on your cleaning jobs.