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Obtaining protected data size with PureDisk

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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I have a PureDisk environment running, without a central SPA, and need to be able to obtain the front-end protected size of the data that I am backing up. If I had a SPA with central reporting enabled, then I could run teh Enterprise License report, but since I do not have central reporting enabled, I don't seem to have the report available.

How do I determine how much front-end data I am protecting?

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I should also mention that this is a PureDisk Remote Office environment, not PDDO or MSDP

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You could use the nbdeployutil cmd. On the spreadsheet to gives you, you can see the itemized data sizes for each client. One of the columns will show you PureDisk data. Just sum that columns values and you should have the total for the environment.

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nbdeployutil is for a NetBackup environment, and runs on the NetBackup master server. This is a PureDisk remote office installation (no NetBackup involved at all), and cannot run the nbdeployutil.

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There was never really a goodway to do this from within Puredisk. Even with a Central SPA the reporting never seemed acurate. It always comes down to manual Excel work I found.

There was two ways in which to do it

1. Load up the last successful backup job, go to the statistics tab and grab the details (This is for one clients FULL)

Files selected on source: 27166
Bytes selected on source: 59.62 GB

then repeat for each server, or

2. go to Manage then Agents

Expand out each Agent and you should see each data selection. Click on a data selection and at the bottom you should see

Size on Source:   4.34 GB (SCC Backup Part )

Size on Source:   55.28 GB (Files Part)

Which equals the 59.62GB listed above.

If you have hundreds of server this can become tiresome. In the end we wrote some custom scripts which query the database for the last successfull backup of each client and have that output to a html page that tallys up the servers "Source" data into a html page.

Considering Puredisk is licenesed per Frond End TB, you would think this would be an easy task.

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Just to close this request, here is a small script that I found that will get all the inforamtion I need.