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ODBC import to Custom Properties

Created: 19 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

Hi all

I'm trying to import Custom Properties via ODBC. I did enhance the UNIX schema using the "Extend existing asset type" wizard. After a service restart I tried to map the new fields but I wasn't able to find them in the Entity-Mapping form.

Those are my Custom Properties:


Field Name / Display Name


ENVIRONMENT / Environment

STATUS / Status

SHORTDESCRIPTION / Short description

This is how the UNIX Entity Mapping does look like:


As you can see there is no Column named "SHORTDESCRIPTION". Also the other Custom Properties are not visible. I did also check the Common Asset Type...

- Where can I map my Custom Properties?



Operating Systems:

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Been working somewhat extensively with this for a few weeks. From what I can see on the ODBC side, you would map an existing CCS field to a relevant ODBC field e.g. if CCS calls it Asset Custodian, and you call it Ownership; then within the entity mapping table, you look for Asset Custodian and update the Table or View Column name field to "Ownership". Extending the schema does allow you to get an automated entity mapping in place, at least not from what I can see. To get the field populated...reconciliation rules.

For example (in your case I think...):
If Asset Environment equals PRODUCTION
Then Set the field value of Environment as PRODUCTION

This rule is a PRE rule, so prior to the asset being imported, that field will be updated. By extending the schema, you are adding a mechanism to update those custom properties using an import rule, not updating the entity table.

At least, this is what I see in our environment.

Hope this helps.