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Odd Status Code 230

Created: 02 Nov 2012 • Updated: 28 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Netbackup Windows 2008r2

Hello all,

I have recently started seeing some odd backup failures with status code 230 telling me the specified policy does not exist in the configuration database. In the activity monitor, the failure shows the policy name as *NULL*, and shows the schedule as *NULL* as well. What is so odd is that the client that is failing (GISO101L) is a client that no longer exists. It was repurposed and renamed many months ago to ORAO101L. I've checked in all of my policies and throughout the organization to see if GISO101L still somehow exists anywhere, and it does not. But, it appears that NetBackup thinks it does. The only thing I found that looked promising so far and have tried was removing the pempersist2 file, and letting it recreate, but I'm still seeing the failure. Anyone seen this type of behavior before?

Thank you!


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Andy Welburn's picture

Possible a backup script that is still being utilised that is directly referencing this, now, non-existant client/policy?


There seems to be something 'external' as it where that is still trying to call or reference the deleted items.....

Nicolai's picture

Enabe bprd debug log - Match time of entry in the actitivty monitor with the time in bprd log. You should be able to see the IP of the connecting device.

See "1) Creating Legacy Logs"  how to do:


Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Toddman214's picture

Ok. Ive created the bprd log. I'll let it run, and tomorrow I'll take a look and see whats there.

Toddman214's picture

I worked with our technical vendor on the issue, and there was no evidence remaining of client GISO101L in the logs. Over time, the 230's became fewer and fewer each day, until they were completely gone. This fall-off happened over the course of two weeks, and I have no reason for its cause or what slowly changed to fix the issues, but I have seen none of these occur since then.