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Oddity when restoring a shortcut using RS 7.1

Created: 30 Aug 2011 • Updated: 30 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

I'm doing some testing and documentation for a presentation and one of the subjects involved is using "reinstall existing account" as a means of moving user data from one machine to another.   Everything seems to work great; the new machine has access to the old snapshots and I can recover most files and folders without issue.   I say most files and folders because something "wierd" is happening with shortcuts...Here is the scenario:

  1. Machine "A" has a shortcut on the desktop that has a target of "c:/files".
  2. Machine "A" performs a snapshot
  3. Machine "B" uses the "reinstall existing account" option to grab Machine "A" account
  4. Reboot Machine "B"
  5. Machine "B" has access to what used to be Machine "A"'s snapshots
  6. If I sign on with the same user and restore the shortcut to the desktop on "B" it restores sucessfully, but the target is now "\\A\C$\files"  (a UNC reference to the old location).

I can't believe this is how it's supposed to work.  The user is now modifying files on their "old" machine which could be wiped out at any time be the new user.  Plus they aren't being backed up unless Recovery Solution gets reinstalled.

Am I missing something?

Mike Ball - Central Michigan University

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Hi Mike,

according to RS QA they have tried to reproduce the issue following your steps but they could not unfortunately. I would recommend logging a case with RS support in case further investigation is needed.

Kind regards,
Mike Pikkov