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Office 2010 Cohabition with Office 2003

Created: 23 Jul 2012 | 5 comments


I try to create a virtualized package for Office 2010 and I need to keep association files for Doc, Xls, pps,... with Office 2003 and office2010 Must be use only for Docx,XlsX, and pptx...

In my package vsa for Office 2010 I deleted all association in registry, but after import and activation when I launch a doc file office 2003 launch a repair.

Have you got an idea to made this cohabitation

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To achieve this would require some serious editing of the Office 2010 MSI files to suppress the self repair behaviour for the affected registry keys (I am assuming that Office 2003 is in the base image). Even then you may find that Office updates and certainly Office service packs will need the entire virtualized package to be reworked.

Have you considered deploying the Office Compatibility pack for your Office 2003 users so that they can read files created in the newer formats, and thus enable you to leave the Office 2010 install unchanged.

Alternatively, you can set Office 2010 to default to the old formats and leave those defaults in place until everyone has migrated.

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Have you tried customizing the Office package beforehand and then capturing it as a Virtual package?

You can customize it to keep Office 2003 alongside 2010.

Since Virtual package will be in a different bubble it should not delete any of the resources for Office 2003.

Piyush Nasa Altiris Certified Professional (ACP)

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If only it were that simple.

The relative priority between the Office 2010 and Office 2003 installs has a bearing.

In addition, file associations are normally in HKCR, but to allow specific deviations, you would need to change the associations to HKCU/Software/Classes so that the current user settings override the machine settings.

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Maybe it is my ignorance to Symantec's virtualization tool. I used SVS long time back when it was launched.

Have used App-V since then and it is not the case there as you mentioned. If you capture the package, it captures all this in a separate bubble and you can choose not to merge the registries with the local machine.

The file associations are mentioned through osd files which can cater to as you want, like only for .docx, .xlsx etc.

Piyush Nasa Altiris Certified Professional (ACP)

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You can set the isolation flag on the layer (in this case Office 2010) so that the applications in the layer will not be visible to the base.  If both copies of Office are in separate layers, you could configure the Office layers' isolation settings so that they can't see each other.  Or write some pre-activation scripts that force deactivate the other layer if you don't need them running simultaneously.