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Created: 07 Dec 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

I'm having the following issues with offline vault, 2003 Server and 2003 Outlook -
1) KVS icons keep disappearing, forms have been installed
2) OfflineVault takes roughly 3-4 hours per 500MEg to download?? Is this speed expected
3) Doesnt seem to copy all information when downloading the offline vault - I get the error 'KVs experienced an error loading the following item'

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1) I presume you mean icons assocaiated with messages rather than on the toolbar. If so that's an Outlook issue. Have seen issues with Outlook 2003 cached mode not making them available offline and being generally unreliable. You might want to upgrade to Outlook 2003 sp1 on a desktop or two if possible to see if that resolves it.

2) What version of the EV client do you have installed?
Are you using archive explorer(and therefore offline archive explorer?)

I3) happening for all or just some users?
You are likely to need to log a support call as they would need to see the client trace(set it to full and reproduce the issue)

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Dodo is right - client version is *very* important here!

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1) SP1 for Outlook 2003 is very important, many problems were fixed. You might have either a corrupted Outlook cache or a corrupted forms cache. Try resetting both.

2) You might have bandwidth issues.