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Offserver Backup via a iSCSI or SAS SAN

Created: 31 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
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Good day,

does Netbackup has a way of backing up a HP San with VMware Datastores on it, leveraging the SAN's snapshot feature and that way backing up from the SAN directly? If have read this is called Offserver backup. Veeam actually offers something like this in their latest release.

Backup Exec Advanced Disk Option has something like it,  but is for Windows snapshots only. I have a virtualization layer in between (VMware)



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NetBackup doesn't have a way to access the san directly and get the snapshots.We would need something to install the client on to get access to the san luns.

It sounds like this is already connected to your ESX server. Why not use VMware policys to backup VMDKs via san backup? Also its will make the restores much easier.

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Can you elaborate a little more on that last option? Nothing is connected yet, we are in design phase. And I'm not too familiar with Netbackup, especially the VMware side of things. Thanks for any help.

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See if this Article helps you.
It explains how NBU for VMware agent/option can be used to backup directly from datastores: 
(Netbackup) VMWare Backup over SAN

You can also find a series of blogs about NBU for VMware here: Nuts and Bolts in NetBackup for VMware  

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