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Offsite Copy - Is Number of Offsite Copies Driven by Disk Space or User Specification ?

Created: 11 Aug 2010


I've been using BESR 2010 for a while now.  I would like to start using the Offsite Copy to ensure I have backup copies at another building on the campus.

My question is this:  In configuring a BESR 2010 backup job you can specify how many baseline backups you want to keep before older backups are purged.  Typically I keep three baselines of each server.  Will the offsite copy adhere to this same limit?  That is, if I tell the backup job that I only want to keep three backups on disk, will the offsite copy also limit itself to three copies at the offsite location?  Or, will it just keep tacking on the most recent backup to the offsite copy destination until it has sucked up all the available drive space?

The documentation says the offsite copy will delete older backup files if necessary to generate disk space - but it sounds like it only begins deleting files when it is out of drive space rather than deleting files in order to keep the on-hand backup count at a predetermined number (say, three).

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You