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Oh Joy .. Another Java relase.. 7u13

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 12 Feb 2013 | 6 comments

Hoi fellow administrators of awsomness!

Let us all rejoice in the fact that there is yet another Java update, with all its flaws, bugs and problems.

I've been having a real problem deploying java to our 1200ish windows desktops via the Altiris 7.1 system since java 7.x came out.

I would like to open this thread to see if you guys have successfully managed to deploy it to a large group of windows machines, xp and win7, and how.

Here's how im "trying" to do it.. The thing is, it works for some, and not for others.

Extracting the .msi and .cab file from the .exe file and push it like i always do with msi files.

Problem 1.:
- Installing via msiexec tends to reboot the computers without warning.
Soulution -> msiexec.exe /i "jre1.7.0_13\jre1.7.0_13.msi" /qn ALLUSERS=2 REBOOT=ReallySuppress /log c:\java_7_u13.txt
Adding a switch I didnt know existed helped with that. REBOOT=ReallySuppress.

Problem 2:
- Altiris shows "Succesfull" in the agent, and even in control panel -> Add remove programs, it says that the java 7u13 i installed.
However! (I love java ..) Its not actually installed... The Java Icon that should appear in control panel as java(32bit) isnt there. And if you start a webpage that requires java, it says "You need to install java..blabla"
Solution - > Can't frackin find one.

Making an exe installation with the exe file given.

Problem 1:
Upload the exe file to new software, and run following command:
"jre-7u13-windows-i586.exe" /s IEXPLORER=1 MOZILLA=1 REBOOT=Suppress /L C:\Java_7_13.txt
Does get error 1619 on many of the computers, and some work on. Win7 and WinXp doesnt seem to matter.
Solution -> (/)#/"!&%¤

So, how do you guys deploy the "new and improved" Java ?
The hair on my back get stiff everytime i see a new java ...

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Sally5432's picture

Does it failing have anything to do with a browser being opened?  I haven't pushed 7 yet, but I know 6 fails if a browser is opend (at least IE).

I pushed it with an uninstall first, then an install.  The install would fail if browser was opened.  Since our machines are usually off if not on (and a browser is often used!), I set a managed software policy that was set to install latest version of java if not there, and retry every 15 minutes... and put an update inventory task at end so machines that got it would fall out of the filter.

This still resulted in some helpdesk calls where the user needed java before it actually got to install, but was the only way I could get it to work at all without leaving a machine without Java.

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SteffenBorge's picture

Hey Sally!
Cheers for the tips =)

A few things i didn't understand, what do you mean with "Machines are usally off if not on" ? ;)

And how do you set a packaged to install upon shutdown off the computer ? If I understood you correctly there.
And wouldent an uninstall also fail if they had a browser open ?

Did i mention i loath Java? hehe =)

BBC's picture

Hi Sally,

Here's the command line I use (also with the MSI as the EXE shows inconsistent results for me too !):

1. Log Off (OOBH I prefer a reboot, but that is rarely the case);


What I also found at times is that seperating this out in two tasks (copy the installer source and run the installation) is much more reliable.

If I'm not wrong, the Reboot=ReallySuppres is an InstallShield one, which can be passed to the Windows Installer, but if you run the MSI anyway, I'd suggest to use the /NORESTART switch, which we know works.


Sally5432's picture

I meant most of my machines don't sit on unused - we instruct our users to turn off their computers when they leave for the day (or if they have laptops, take them with them), so having a maintenance window after hours isn't an option for us, nor is 'install when no one is logged in.'

We don't set the package to install upon shut down, we just set up a managed software policy (CMS) that says 'if this version of java isn't there, uninstall any old versions and install the latest version, then once installed run software inventory update to update filter.'  It retries every 15 minutes.

In my testing of 6.x, the uninstall of java wasn't failing if browser was opened.  That was one of our problems to overcome - because clients who had browser windows opened when the uninstall/install happened the uninstall worked but the install didn't so they were left with no java at all.

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BBC's picture

And what if you run another task prior to the install, which kills any IE or Firefox processes? If you have to run un-/install tasks during BH, it might also be handy to pop up a message for the customers so that they're aware of that and do not open an IE/FF session again right away.

At times, it'd be handy to run i.e. a PS script that runs a simple Windows form and informs the user and in the background you can process the taskkil action and un-/install.

SteffenBorge's picture

Alot of good tips here =) Im gonna try them all!

Im pretty sure im also supposed to be able to "prompt/notify" users when a new package is ready to be installed, with an "Ok" and "Delay 10min" button thingy, where I also could type a small message into that notification box.

I cant seem to find it again. I Find the "prompt user" check box, but when i check it, the package still runs automaticly. And as mentioned, im also pretty sure i should be able to write something in a notificationb box..