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Ok, forget Lion, what about 10.6.8?

Created: 13 Jun 2011 | 12 comments

We can expect 10.6.8 shortly.  As usual, it will have critical security patches.  Comments from Symantec on preliminary testing to date?  Are there 1) Known issues, 2) no known issues, 3) silence from the company who provides critical infrastructure software, 4) the usual delay before some brave soul tries and posts results here, as our primary evidence that it works?

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Final Cut X recommends 10.6.8, and since it was released today, it's likely we'll see 10.6.8 shortly.

What's the word?

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It's out.

Hellooooooooooooooooo PGP?

Any brave souls want to be the first to test (have to love how PGP makes users do their testing for them).

Probably < 30 days to 10.7 and this will all be over.

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I made my system unbootable going from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8 using Apple Software Updates while on PGP Desktop 10.0.2. 10.0.2 doesn't have the fix that protects your boot.efi, but that's exactly what I was testing for. I'll investigate more in the morning.


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Tried it on powerbook that was at 10.6.7.

Have a boot camp partition.

Restarted and update proceeded; but after mandatory restart, get a brief view of the gray Apple icon, then the circle-with-bar stop graphic and 20 minutes of churning with no resolution. 

Tried restarting several times, same result.

CAN boot into Windows boot camp partition, also encrypted with PGP (Windows XP).

Won't boot into safe mode - same issue.

When booting into single user mode, looks like Darwin starts, then PGP Whole Disk Encryption starts as follows:

pgpwde:Located AppleEFINVRAM service

PGP Whole Disk Encryption. Copyright (c) 2008 PGP Corporation

PGP WDE Driver on-line

pgpwde:AES-NI CPU support not detected.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption. Copyright (c) 2008 PGP Corporation

Block Storage Driver on-line.

[Bluetooth:CSRHIDTransition] Single User - waiting WindowServer

- then I get "Still waiting for root device" and it hangs, repeating "Still waiting for root device".

I'll try letting it sit longer after restart, but if you want to use your machine in short order, I would NOT update if you have PGP WDE installed. 

Fortunately, I have cloned backup that is 2 weeks old.  Unfortunately, it is 3 days from here...

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Is there any fix for this that doesn't involve wiping the machine

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You need to be sure that you are on PGP Desktop 10.1. SP1 or newer. Otherwise apple's update overwrites your PGPBoot.EFI file with their Boot.efi file. Which is sure to cause the problem. The Mac OSX update 10.6.8 incorporates the fixes made in the other releases such as 10.6.5 as well.

We have service pack 3 for PGP Desktop 10.1.2 out now. it has several mac bugs fixed as well. So I would really start looking at that as your current deployment version for Mac's.

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PGP Desktop 10.1 Sp1 specifically addresses the issue where 10.6.5 overwrites the PGPBoot.efi file with mac's boot.efi file. This means that any machines updated to 10.6.8 will see the same behavior (if not on PGP Desktop 10.1 SP1 or newer).  Because Apple, like every other software vendor. Incorporates their previous fixes into new releases.

You are FOR SURE going to see this problem if you are not on or newer.

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Is SP1 the same as Version 10.1.1 [Build 10]?

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..So is there a fix for the issue when your Mac side becomes unbootable? I can get into the WIndows side just fine.

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Same question here - if we have 10.1.1 [Build 10] are we safe?

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Our macs that are encrypted with 10.1.1 [build 10] error out during the update,   we've only been able to update Macs that are decrypted first. 

Not sure if anybody else out there is experiencing the same, but I suspect there may be some issues.

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I updated my macboookpro 6,2 PGP DT 10.1.1 build 10 to 10.6.8 last night i didnt see any problems.