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Created: 07 Aug 2012 • Updated: 28 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

In keeping with the new BYOD, we are now supporting several Mac users. All the laptops have OL2011 installed as well as the EV10sp1 client.  However we are seeing the following problems:

1) clicking on "View" only brings up the shortcut

2) when on the VPN, the Search button works to the internal URL as does the Store button, but clicking on View only brings up the shortcut

3) when off the VPN none of the features work.  They all call to the internal URL, not the external URL.  

All the functions work when as designed when using a Win8 machine and OL2010, but not with Mac/2011.


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Related question - Does the TechArticle 157485 pertain to EV10sp1/OL2011 as well.  I'm not seeing the user listed in the RegisteredClientMailboxes table, which may be the root problem.  How can I get a user added to that table?

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Which service pack of Office 2011 has been installed?

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Yes, I believe OL2011 for Mac clients will still register with the indicated SQL table.  Can you see the x-ev-savesetid information in the message header?

Also, as Rob was alluding to there is a known issue with OL2011 SP2, so I would recommend to not upgrade to that version yet.  If you have you would want to revert to SP1 per the technote,

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FWIW I think that Microsoft released a fix to the Outlook 2011 SP 2 issue.

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The issue with OL2011 SP2 has now been addressed in the following HF for 10.0.2