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Old Defs 10/4/2013 rev. 35

Created: 07 Oct 2013 • Updated: 07 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
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Thought I'd ping this up in a new thread to bring attention to it.

The current defs as reported on are, at this moment in time, on the following revision:

10/4/2013 rev. 35

Mine and several other SEPMs are reporting defs of 06/10/2013 r4, which means later defs were released but since reverted.  Why were the defs reverted and should we be prventing the 06/10/2013 r4 defs from going out to our clients?

Operating Systems:

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Looks like the defs have since jumped to the below revision:

10/6/2013 rev. 18

Is there any news on the resons why the older defs were withdrawn?  Anyone seen any probs with the withdrawn (10/6/2013 rev. 4) defs?

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I've also noticed how the below page appears to omit the "10/6/2013 rev. 4" defs entirely:

This does seem to suggest an issue was found with it.  Should we be forcing an update to 10/6/2013 rev. 18 ASAP?  What were the problems?