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Old enterprise Vault install

Created: 23 Nov 2012 • Updated: 22 Dec 2012 | 11 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, a few years back we had enterprise vault archiving our old emails, the license ran out and we swapped over to the exchange 2010 built in archiving solution.

i now have emails in user outlooks that are archived using enterprise vault that they cannot open.  i need to know how to get these emails viewable either from out of the enterprise vault or where they are, is this possible?  we do not want to purchase a new enterprise vault license etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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What is your 'old' EV version ?
You may want to export the archives to PST, import them in Exchange 2010 archives, and remove the shortcuts. But it may depend on your current version if that supports Exchange 2010.

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Hi, have found the old install, when i go to the enterprise console it comes up that i do not have a valid license, which i know, i can then get into the console and try an export of a mailbox archive to pst but it comes up that it cannot find the migration server on the server that enterprise vault is on, i am locally logged into the enterprise vault server. Have looked in services and there are no migration server services.

Is not allowing me to do this due to me not having a license?

Thanks again


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Hi, sorry did not see your reply, my EV is 2007 v7.5

If i can export them to pst then that should be enough as can get users to look at them and see what they need.

Just tried to export and get an error, see my previous post.



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Pretty sure you will need to be licensed to do an export.

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Hi, can we get any confirmation on Robs post that you will need a valid license to export.

If so then i can go to my superiors and say this is the reason and you need to do this etc.

do not really want to have to get a license to just export the mailboxes but if that is the only way then thats fine.



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If you actually try and export it will tell you in a pop up you must have a license, its actually the PST Migrator that is required. Your best bet is to contact sales to see if you can get a trial license

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I am a bit confused as licenses are typically permanent, could you elaborate what you mean when you say yours "ran out"? 

Out of curiosity, how many users and how much mail are you working with?

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I tried specifically with a temporary license.. on a system where I know it has expired.

When the Admin Service starts I get:

Event ID: 4218 - Error

Required license not active.

Event ID: 4214 - Warning

License checking has identified that you currently do not have any licensed features.

When I try to export an archive I get no errors or warning, a PST file does get produced.

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what version of EV ?
Maybe i was thinking of PST import that it shows an error

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Chris, have you tried setting the time back to a time that the license is still valid ?

You only need to have EV up and running to export to PST.

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