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Old Hard Drive Demoted to Drive 1 Still Requests Passphrase

Created: 19 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

I had an hard drive with PGP WDE installed.  I acquired a new drive.  I installed a completely new OS on the new drive.  I installed PGP WDE (10.2) on the new drive.  I added the old drive to the second bay to reformat and repurpose.  PGP now asks me for the passphrase for the old drive.  I do not have the old passphrase.  I have tried 'diskpart - clean all' with no improvement.  All I want is to wipe the drive (which I have already done) and be able to use it again.  I use PGP within a large corporation where I think there is a PGP server involved as well.

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If you just want to get rid of the disk - splat and start again, use something like boot n nuke boot from USB stick, just make sure you choose the right disk, or better yet just have the one you want to wipe plugged in :)

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Tried DBAN and still get 'Please enter passphrase...' after Win 7 fully loads.

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If you are in an managed environment you can request a WDRT token to authenticate with the drive and decrypt the drive. Then you can format the drive or add new user with Passphrase to authenticate with the drive. I would ask your PGP admin to assist in gaining access to the drive.

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Dban should have worked.You have to zero write the "Physical drive".And not the Logical drive.

Try Diskprobe and zero write the first 64 sectors

This should work too.