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Old Inventory and Scan jobs keep failing and run next day.

Created: 18 Aug 2014 | 3 comments

I am running BackupExec 2012 and thinking of upgrading to 2014 but I do not want this problem to continue to haunt me.

I just took over from someone else doing Backups before and everyday I get that three Scan jobs and three Inventory jobs fail and they will run again in 24 hours. I have gone through everything in the software that I can find and can't find these jobs to stop them from running. They did have a backup to HDD and a different Robotic library on this sytem way back and do not have those on the system anymore to see if linked to those items. Is there a way to see these jobs to get rid of them? Steps I need to take to remove them or delete them would be great, Thanks ahead of time.


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You probably need to log a formal support call for us to dig into the database 

Although it is possible that you might be able to see them in the BE 2014 job Monitor if you upgraded (no guarantee on this point though)

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Hi Phillip S

as Colin recommends you should probably open a support case on this,  but also try running a repair of the BEDB arefer to this document  and also make sure the Media Server is fully patched by running Live Updates.

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Ok, Thanks, Have made contact with Symantec support. They have rebuilt database to no avail. We did a number of troubleshooting steps and the ticket has now been escalated. Thanks for responses.