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Older archives not indexed after upgrade to EV10

Created: 04 Sep 2012 | 11 comments

Recently we did an upgrade from EV9 (32bit) to EV10 (64bit). Now we are running in to some problems with older archives, archives that are from people that are no longer working with us. When we search in some of those archives we don't get any result, with two of those I did some test with verifying, synchronizing and rebuilding but all resulted in no error and a healty index (but no results when you search in the safe).

When I compared some active archives from users that are still working here and the older ones, I noticed that the active archives have a 32bit index and 64bit index. In the 32bit archive is range set and it tells how many items there are indexed. The 64bit index has no range and no indexed items.. 

The older archives have only a 64bit index with no range or indexed items. So it seems that there is gone some wrong there, but how do I fixed that? Rebuilding etc is not working.

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So when you rebuilt the old index it converted it to a 64 bit index.  What does the report say, does it tell you how many items were added?

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No, the old archives (from inactive users) has only a 64bit index, no 32bit index anymore. When I try to rebuild the old archive nothing happens, the reported tells that there are no items to index.

But I am 100% sure that there are items in does archives. So somehow the 32bit index are lost during the migration.

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No no, what I understood is the following:

During the upgrade of the indexes, EV keeps the 32 bit index while building the 64 bit one.

When the 64 bit one is succesfully created (ie, the 32 bit one has been upgraded), the 32 bit one is deleted. there should be some sort of report, event or something else to verify the rebuild to 64 bit has succeeded.

Could it be that you have Expiry enabled, and those old archives do not have items in them anymore?

If you try an export of the archive to PST, does it export items, or does it say there are no items to export. Exporting does not require an index.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Expiry is enabled, but set for 10 years, so nothing could be delete yet. (running EV from 2006). I added some screenshot, the first one is from a active user, where you still see the 32bit index, the second one from an inactive user, with only the 64bit index.

I don't know how to export items to a pst file, because I can't browse / search the archive... and about the reports or events, i can't find it, but it looks more like the 64bit indexing has run yet...

Old archive:

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export to pst - In the EV console, rightclick Archives, choose Export to PST. Select archive from Bart Doeven (or Rudy Mens) to test.

I have no EV10 available unfortunately, but i believe that if you rightclick Archives, you still have the option to show the Index health? Check to see if you have failed indexes.

It might also be worth to restart the index service, just to be sure.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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The option to export is not avaible in EV10, the only way to export is (I think) to search with the browser. 

The indexes that exsist are healthy, I checked them and they seem to be fine. It is really that I miss some 32bit indexes. What I also noticed is that the 64bit index that are created, don't have any indexed items. And the indexing services is running.

So if you look at the user Rudy Mens, you see that the 32bit index is closed, because a range is set. But the 64bit index is open but with no items indexed. 

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FYI, the Export option is still present in EV 10.  In the Admin Console right click Archives in the left pane and choose Export.

Are you Indexes in backup mode per chance?  Also, if you right click in Indexing in the Admin console can you click Monitor Indexing Tasks to see what the status of your previous jobs are?

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The export works, so the data isn't lost and it is migrated to the EV10 server. (I also still have the old EV9 server)

The indexes is not in Backup mode and there aren't any tasks running.

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When you do the rebuild request..  have a look in the Event Log, you will see an event logged saying that the index rebuild started.  Wait a few minutes.  Do you get any other events?

What I noticed is that if I start a rebuild, I get an event...  2-3 minutes if I put my indexes in backup mode, I get an event telling me they have gone in to backup mode AND event telling me the index rebuild is complete.  There are of course now pretty always 0 items in the index.

Oddly, on EV 9 at least, if you start an index rebuild with the index locations in backup mode, then the rebuild starts (according to the event log) but then never ends. (limited testing on this from my end though!)

In addition, take a look at the reporting information for the vault store that the archive is homed on, it'll tell you how many items there are in the index.  (Expand Vault Store Groups.  Click on Vault Store, right click, and choose 'Reporting')  ... if that says 0 items..  then that's what there is to index .. nothing.  The data is gone, perhaps through deletion, export/delete, or something like that.

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Okay so walk us through  (maybe with some screenshots) of what happens when you do the index rebuild.

For me, I see things like:

Take note of the aboe with the *'s around it.  In my environment I deliberately set that task with NO schedule.

And then the rebuild sits like that. ...  forever, because my indexing admin task never gets in to schedule.

I can manually do a 'run now' and then stuff starts to happen.

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I do the same steps, only the task starts almost immediately with the result that there are no error and no items indexed. 

In the report I will find the following informaition:

Rebuild archive started at 06-09-2012 10:00:08
Archive Name: Gerard Schenkel

Archive Id: 131C4043AC01F3745936ACC72AD7E71051110000vaultserver.thunnissen.local

Rebuild Scope: Archive

06-09-2012 10:00:08 The index is empty, re-creating the collection to ensure that the collection is valid.

06-09-2012 10:00:08 Deleting the existing collection.

06-09-2012 10:00:09 Recreating the collection.

06-09-2012 10:00:09 The rebuild has completed successfully and reported no issues.
I checked the archive of this user by exporting it to pst first, and it contains email items. In de event viewer I don't find any events telling the de rebuild started of failed, only the following:
Summary of the current index volume check:

Volumes synchronized: 99

Failed volumes synchronized: 0

Empty volumes deleted: 0

The next synchronization checks will take place as follows:

Volumes having pending work in 0 hours and 59 minutes

Failed volumes in 1 hour and 59 minutes

Empty volumes deletion in 6 hours and 59 minutes

All volumes in 6 hours and 59 minutes.