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Once again Symantec ruins a product

Created: 12 Oct 2012 • Updated: 12 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

We have been using Backup Exec for a long time.  Back when Veritas was calling the shots.  For whatever reason, Symantec seems to take a good product and train wreck the software.  I am talking about Backup Exec 2012.  2010 R3 was running great and we thought GREAT,  2012 should be cool.  NOPE!  They completely changed the interface and the functionality of the job management features went away.   We have been disappointed in the past with their shody upgrades and hours needed talking to their tech support which is NOT free.  We have decided not to renew our contracts with Symantec and use a new technolgy.   When you have to spend many man hours trying to work around the is time to move on.  Too bad for Symantec.

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CraigV's picture's been doing the rounds for a while. Backup Exec 2012 R2 is nearly in Beta and is apparently addressing a lot of the issues that users had mentioned.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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When the response to "the new version of your product is broken" is "Hey, we've got an even newer and even betterer version just around the corner!" it's time to get out.

Not directed at you CraigV but Symantec has well and truly jumped the shark with this one.