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OnDemand Client and WiredAutoConfig service

Created: 28 Jun 2012
Simone Ricci's picture

Hi all,
I'm working on an environment where there is a LAN Enforcer for dot1x authentication with Cisco switches and ACS acting as a radius server. Everything works fine till now.
We have installed a Gateway enforcer (in layer3 mode) to provide the on-demand client to the guest clients.
Everything works fine if the guest client has the WiredAutoConfig (on Win7) started, but my guests most of time are not admins of their pc and I don't know if all of them have the service started.
I tried also using the transparent mode but the on-demand client still needs the service running.

Is there any way to avoid running that service, or maybe to let my guests to work with my network without being admins of their machines?

Thank you