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One or more virtual disks contain volumes that do not support Granular Recovery Technology (GRT)

Created: 19 Dec 2013 | 8 comments


I am currently trying to use Backup Exec 2012 SP3 to backup a virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 on a VM server. We backup the Virtual machine VMDK fine but we cannot do a GRT restore. We have the windows agent installed and the permissions look fine but we still get the following error every time. V-79-57344-38725 - One or more virtual disks contain volumes that do not support Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). Granular restores cannot be performed for these volumes.

We have several other Virtual machines that run on the same vm server and these work fine but these are Server 2003/2008

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Stephen,

For windows server 2012 if the volume has Refs file system or its a deduplication volume then GRT is not supported.

And if the windows server 2012 is installed on a hyper-v with .vhdx virtual harddisk size greater than 2TB in size even then GRT will not work.



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Why are you repeating what is stated in the document that I have referenced earlier?

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Hi Pkh,

I don't know what your document has referenced,i just posted what i knew.even i had same issue earlier and then got to know the limitations i updated the same here.any problem?

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By repeating information that was posted earlier, you are not contributing to the discussion, but cluttering up the discussion.  If everybody repeats everything then the user would have to waste his time sorting out the relevant information.  Do read the previous posts properly, including any references, before posting.

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Hi pkh,

but do you think everyone has time to go through all the documents or article posted we are here to share what we know not to debate.I don't mind your document or my post helping the user this is a forum to share knowledge not to blame on others why you are posting contents in the document i referenced there is nothing wrong learning one thing twice.lets act mature and share what we know instead useless debates that is not going to help anyone.

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Who is debating with you? Just don't repeating things which are posted earlier