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One server 25 pc's and a 4 gig DB? For Endpoint protection manager

Created: 04 Mar 2014 • Updated: 05 Mar 2014 | 4 comments

Not a specific group for this produuct?

Can just the database be made any smaller?

This is Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.1000.157

I am looking into upgrading it but that in itself could be fun with space limitation and I would like to move it.

I have looked into that  some and disaster recovery methods have been mentioned for moving the DB.

So I take it it can't be compressed or ??


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That's actually pretty small.

You can shrink it, see this article:

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For 25 PCs , 4 Gig is normal.

First thing to set is the content revison setting

Here is the disk space management

Disk Space Management procedures for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

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I was afraid someone would say 4 gig was not to bad. :)

But thanks for the tool.

It worked great.

For this server to go from a 4+ gig db to 1+ gig is good.

I think they do have the proper licensing to upgrade but with the limited space and from what I have read so far moving the DB for this product can be fun?  I put in their serial number on the download page and it says they can download Symantec_Endpoint_Protection_12.1.4a_Part1_Installation_EN.exe .. It that the latest ?

It sounds like it would be best to upgrade it to a newer version that does disaster recovery better then you just treat it as a disaster recovery and uninstall/re-install and then import the DB?  Something like that.

Again this is Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1.1000.157.

I suppose if I need to talk about this at any length I can do a google search again or start a new thread.

Thanks again for the help.


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:) With Normal log setting for 25 PCs , this document says 2 Gig, 

If you set content revison to 30 , for 10 pcs it will be more than 8Gig.

this tool Might come handy in future

12.1 Ru4a is the latest.