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Only root is able to make Backups

Created: 26 Sep 2013 | 6 comments
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We have the following Problem. We have Backup Exec 2012 SP2. We want to Backup a Linux Machine. (CENTOS 5.4) 
We have correctly installed the Linux Backup Exec Agent. During the Installation, a new group has been generated --> beoper.

In this group, the root user is a member of it. Symantec says, if you want to make the backup with a different user, you only have to put
the preferred user into this group and the Backup is possible.

Here is the problem: With each user (even the user has root rights) we dont even see the fileselection (Backupjob windows, left side).
With the root user, we see the fileselection window, without Problems.

Does anyone has an idea, what we can do? Maybe the user need some special Systemrights, or something else.

Thank you

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If your user are not able to see the backup selection, May be they dont have proper privileges

and you are ryt, try doing the same after giving the root permission.

Hope it works..

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There is no other requirement for the account used to backup Linux data. All it needs is to be a part of beoper group and has root level credentials.

On a note, CENTOS is not supported for RALUS installation.

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Thank you for your answers. We have tryed it with root permissions. We dont see the backup


Thank you Jaydeep for your anwer also. The user is in the beoper group and has root level credentials. We know that CENTOS is not supported, but I think that is not the problem. We had the same Prolbem with RedHat also.

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Hi Zerakus,

when you say beoper group have you created a group on Centos or is that a group on your active directory?

If the root account is created in a active directory group it wont be able to access a linux machine with that credentials.

in order to make this work you must try Authenticating linux clients with active directory(find the below article from microsoft)


you can use the root account of that Centos machine or create a new account on Centos machine and give superuser privilege to that user and then try to backup usin that user.

Best Regards,


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Hy Srivishnu,

No, we did not use Active Directory. We use the group, that the installer created DIRECTLY ON THE LINUX Maschine.

We also gave the user SU rights, but it did not work. 

Any ideas?