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Only want to archive Deleted Items and Sent Items!

Created: 30 Jan 2013 • Updated: 31 Jan 2013 | 8 comments
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I am working with an EV10 customer that ONLY wants to archive deleted items and sent items (Exchange 2010), is the best way to do this with the EVPM? Is it even possible with the GUI?


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Strange one! You are going to have use EVPM.  Just create an archive policy to archive items older than say 99 years, that will be the default policy for the rest of the mailbox and then you could run an EVPM script and target the Sent and Deleted folders.

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I think you have to set your mailbox archiving policy to allow for the archiving of deleted items too, thats not just something you do through EVPM

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Sorry, i should make that clearer.
Follow Tony's advice for the 99 years type of a policy, then set EVPM to have a filter like 0 Days on \Sent Items and \Deleted Items so that things will be archived from there.

But also change the Mailbox Archiving Policy to allow for the arhiving of deleted items as well as applying via EVPM...because i believe if you just do EVPM, it won't archive deleted items until that policy is set

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Thanks Tony & JesusWept3 - speaking of the EVPM, do you know it is configured to create a folder called 1Year on the Exchange mailbox and apply a policy / retention category to it, will it back off if it finds am existing folder with that name, or will it still apply the policy / retention category to the existing 1Year folder? Thanks again!

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Thanks Alex, forgot about setting the policy to archive deleted items.

@rnt123, if EVPM finds a folder it will apply the policy to it and not create a duplicate.

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Thanks again guys! Finally, what is the best way to view policies that have been set through EVPM?

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There isn't really a 'nice' way to do it. You have to look at the hidden message with Outlook Spy, MFCMAPI, MDBVU32... or you can use the Outlook Add-in (and look at the properties of the folder, and then the Enterprise Vault tab).

There is a 'contacts checker' in the downloads section which shows some sample code of mine which can be adapted to scan for non-standard policy settings.

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Aftering hearing all this the customer decided to go to journaling instead of archiving! Now I have to redo my lab....