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OOMS and Remote Sites

Created: 26 Mar 2013 • Updated: 03 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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I have a question regarding out of mail stream (OOMS) gateway placement of UN.  We have a situation where a mail server is in a remote location over a WAN link and all users get their email via this link, and want gateway email implemented for a small amount of users.  We don't want the UN to become a single point of failure (even when clustered) so want it OOMS.  There is very little documentation regarding OOMS and setting this up - what's the best practice for implementing OOMS gateway placement of a UN?

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Hi Alex,

for OOMS to fuction you are aware that you need PGP Desktop on the clients.

When OOMS is activated PGP Desktop will trigger OOMS in the event that the client can't handle it.

Basicly it means it will transfer the mail for conversion to Universal/SEMS via the Client/Server Connection (in the SSL Tunnel) to the backend. The backend is then doing what the Policy is telling it to do.

In this case either Webmessenger, PDF Messenger, Smart Trailer invite, ....

If the mail encryption can be handled on client level it will happen there (PGP/S/Mime) and not being pushed via OOMS.

So be aware that if OOMS is being used it might happen that you have 2-3 Mail Transfers via the link.

Why ?

If the mail needs to be split and encrypted with the diffrent format you might end up with diffrent mails


1x Recipeint PGP

1x Recipeint S/Mime

1x Recipeint PDF Messenger

This means that 3 Mails will be generated.

2x Client Level Mails (1x PGP + 1x S/Mime) and one transfered via OOMS to UN/SEMS for PDF.

Hope that makes sense. But the cool part the user will not have any idea what happens (so long he is not reviewing logs or Notifier) and it will simply work for him.

So for OOMS to work PGP Desktop / Symantec Encryption Managment Desktop.

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Thanks Sven for that information, that has cleared up a few misconceptions I had about OOMS

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