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Open and Locked files on AIX clients.

Created: 04 Jan 2013 • Updated: 08 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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I have been going through discussions and solutions on previous threads specicifically those that reference the Admin Guide I and 'LOCKED_FILE_ACTION bp.conf entry for UNIX clients'. 

I am not a Unix guy and would like a better understanding on how the client behaves when it runs into an open file. What happens when the open file changes while it is being backup up? When it runs into a locked file how long is the default waiting period before the file is skipped?  As I understand there is no open file agent that needs to be installed and the NBU client handles opened files nativley.

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With reference to my post in your other discussion: 
You can find these settings under Host Properties -> Clients, Client-Name -> Unix Clients -> Busy File Settings Properties. (Described in chapter 3 of NBU Admin Guide I for Windows)

In all honesty - I have never configured this in all 14 years of working with NBU and supporting all major NBU customers in this country.
I have also only ever seen a handful of status 1's on Unix clients - mostly when live Oracle databases was included in normal (Standard) file system backups. Problem was resolved by informing customer of correct way to backup databases.

Unix backups 'just works'. No need to be concerned about open/locked files unless you see status 1 exit code.

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I have never in the 12 years I worked with Netbackup used LOCKED_FILE_ACTION for UNIX/Linux systems. UNIX/Linux does not work the same way as Windows regarding open files. Files on UNIX are always readable if you have the rights (no rules without rare exceptions), thus there is no need for any open file manager.

If file system backup exit with status code 0 you are fine. Hope that answers your'e question.

BUMP: Marianne was to quick for me.

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I did some testing a while back by writing a c script to place locks on various files on a Unix system and then backing them up.

NetBackup dealt with all the files and backed them up without any issues.