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Open a message in Enterprise Vault Search without having to choose "open" or "save"

Created: 13 May 2014 | 7 comments

We just upgraded a number of users to Enterprise Vault Search (EVS) in EV 11, and noticed that when a user double-clicks on a message resturned by the search, that a dialog then comes up saying "View Downloads - WIndows Internet Explorer" and then the user has to choose top either open or save the .msg file.  Is there a way around this so that we can just have the message open in Outlook when double-clicked?

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i havent seen this behavior. i wonder if it's an OS or IE setting. have you tried with another browser or another machine?

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Happens on multiple machines all with IE 10.  This is when you search from within Outlook, so I don't know how to make Outlook use a different browser to perform the search.



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When Enterprise Vault Search is opened within Outlook(I think this is applicable for combination of Outlook 2010 and 2013 and IE 9 and IE 10), this particular dialog comes in while downloading any item. This is a browser behavior. By default it Outlook uses IE as default browser and it can't be overriden. As a workaround, you can click on gear icon on top right, and click on 'Open in New window' option which will open EVS in standalone browser window, then you won't see this dialog.

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if it's a browser behavior then why does it make a difference whether IE is opened within outlook or standalone?

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Hi all - did anyone find a work-around for this? We've just installed EV11 and I'm seeing the same problem, the right-click Open in New Windows is not ideal as it should open in the Outlook Client automatically?

Will a fix / resolution be made for this Symantec?





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You're looking at these search results via Outlook but what you're really seeing is Outlook integrating with your browser (I'll use IE just for simplicity's sake), and you're not "opening" an email like you do when you pull it direct from the Exchange edb; you're downloading a .msg file. So the OS and the browser are treating the request just like any other request to download a file from a site.  How this behaves is going to depend on IE settings, which vary a bit from version to version (with lots of new lockdowns in IE9), and to a lesser extent the OS security settings may be in play; there might also be some security-related GPO's being pushed down to the workstation, and/or a full-on desktop security software in the mix too.

Given all these variables and the huge risk in getting your security set too low, I wouldn't be overly optimistic that EV "fixes" it, because EV is not the one controlling the behavior and it's a lot of behaviors in play.  I'd recommend putting it into the Ideas section of this site if it's important to you, where EV Product Managers can have a look and evaluate.

That said-- a quick google search turns up this discussion on Microsoft's forums (the first page has more questions than answers but there are a few potential solutions for IE9 in the later pages):

This article discusses how to make that prompt reappar if it's disappeared so logic would dictate you can work in reverse to remove it:

You may want to talk to your corp security folks first to see if suppressing the Download dialog would even be allowed, then start with your version of IE, and your desktop OS, to see what methods Microsoft has to change this behavior. It may be trial-and-error especially when there are GPO in the mix.  

Personally I do not prefer to suppress this dialog at all, given the many different risks are associated with seamless download-and-open activities. I would rather accept that they must do one click now and then, than expose them to the risk of unknowingly opening malicious files, although there are probably features in our security products that let you manage this more granularly than the browser settings do.

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I disagree with Symantecs Response to this topic.  This is not an Internet Explorer issue in the sense that security is the problem.  This was not an issue with the 'Classic' archive search embedded window we were using with previous versions.  I was just able to verify after rmoving a lab setup from EV 10 to EV 11 and was able to still use the classic search function and open evault messages without the prompt.  Once I migrated my policies to the new Entprise Vault Search capabilities ala EV11 the embedded search window then started to present me with the 'Download' by default option upon click selecting an found item.  Obviously this is an issue with how the search browser site is crafted and my guess is that it has to do with the heavy .Net functionality that was brought to the table with the new Search functions.  If we did setups in the past and used the 'Add EV server URL to Intranet Site' policies we were guaranteed of our security while still allowing the heavily website derived functionality of Enterprise Vault work seamlessly with Outlook clients..  If Symantec wants to keep us using a Web stie based product then the ownus should be on them to make sure that they are properly devloping it to work without having us to come up with work arounds to keep the functionality our users were use to while driving the EV product forward with new features.