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Opening Firewall Port for PGP CommandLine to Which Specific Servers?

Created: 15 Apr 2013 | 8 comments


I have a server that ran an older version of the PGP software, and now migrating the scripts that use the PGP CommandLine to a new, Windows 2008 Server.  Server is internally blocked from accessing the outside internet without opening port to specific hosts.

My attempt to run the software failes (debug) with these errors:

pgp:license authorize (3157:current local time 2013-04-15T18:01:55-07:00)
Trying authorization server
Error -11092 authorizing license
Trying authorization server
Error -11092 authorizing license
Trying authorization server
Error -11050 authorizing license
pgp:license authorize (2709:license authorization failed)
pgp:license authorize (3153:connection failed)

Are the three URLs:

What I need ot tell my network group to open?


- Joe Pantera

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Note...  The question is if these are A.)  The only servers tht port 80 / HTTP connectivity is needed to, and / or B.)if there are aditional ones?


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Check one of thread same error releated

Unable Authorize PGP Command Line License

Article:TECH186050 | Created: 2012-04-09 | Updated: 2012-09-27 | Article URL
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Thanks, James...,

I saw that link, and am waiting on feedbank (internal to our company), but for right now, need the specific servers that this needs to talk to.  Those links do not supply that.

- Joe

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no you need to open only port 80

Connection failed, Name Lookup Failed, or Not a Socket - PGP Desktop 10

Article:TECH149481  |  Created: 2009-07-23  |  Updated: 2011-02-09  |  Article URL
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Thank all for the feedback...  Last post is probably what we need (opening port 80 traffic "only" to go to authorize*, but awaiting some more information, and if our licenses are in-fact current / working.

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Additional information / question...

If one gets a license file to use for the licensing..., which I now have, and am getting this error, with debug mode turned on:

C:\Program Files\PGP Corporation\PGP Command Line>pgp -d --license-authorize --license-name "<OUR NAME>" --license-organization "<OUR ORGANIZATION>" --license-numbe
r "<OUR LICENSE>" license8CPU.txt --license-email "<OUR EMAIL ADDRESS>"
pgp:license authorize (3157:current local time 2013-04-17T12:40:23-07:00)
pgp:license authorize (2707:invalid license authorization)
Error -11448 verifying license

Does that file method STILL need the port 80 access to Symantec's outside license servers?? (I am under the impression it does not..., since debug output no longer "trying" to access an outside server "authorize*".


- Joe

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the authorization servers are not online anymore as they are not used by the current product. After Symantec aquired PGP Corp. those servers were retired and the new versions of PGP Command Line do not require online activation anymore.

So either you upgrade to the latest version of PGP Command Line or you can call Symantec Customer Services and ask for a "offline license authorization file" for your old PGP Command Line version.

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Finishing the loop on this issue...

Instaleld the new version 10.3 PGP software, and no longer have issues.

Thanks everyone for your assistance.

- Joe