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OPR mode

Created: 07 Feb 2013 • Updated: 07 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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  1. In Netbackup What is the basic difference between AVR and OPR mode?Basic difference
  2. How to troubleshoot AVR and OPR mode?

I have seen below links,But not understood.

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Been running NetBackup since version 3.4 and rarely seen these status.  If we do then reboot the Media Server.  Difference?  I don't know beyond the 2nd technote & don't really need to.

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If you are seeing this status in your Device Monitor, we will happily help you to troubleshoot.

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OPR just means that the operations are to be dome manually by an operator
AVR means that there is a communications problem between the library and the controller.

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AVR means that the drive is in robotic library but the robot has communication issue(as Srumpr2(BOB!) wrote), or the drive is standalone drive(configured as not in robotic library). OPR mode has no meanings for robotic drives.

BTW, what is your problem?

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