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Ops Center Backup File Count and Job Size Report

Created: 21 Jan 2013 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

Looking for help in interpreting a Ops Centre Report on a file server backup. We run this report on a weekly basis and it looks at the file server backups run in the previous 8 days.

I have 3 questions/points, (please see attached spreadsheet)

1. Why will it not display the Job size for the full backups

2. Help me understand the file count. I was expecting the File count of full backup on 13th Jan plus the following 5 cumulative backup to equal the File Count of full backup on the 20th Jan.

3. How do i filter the duplicate Job Primary ID's

Use Ops Center Analytics Version and Netbackup Version

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I'm not able to duplicate the problem, I don't have enough info.

Is this a custom report, or is it created using the "Tabular Backup Report"?

What are your Filter settings?  Are your backups in NetBackup single stream, or multi-stream?

1.  Our backups are mostly multi-stream.  The "0" Job Size is only occurring on my backups on the main parent job on both full and incrementals.  The individual backups of Shadow Copy Components, C: drive, E: drive, etc. are all displaying Job Size and File Count.  I don't seem to see the exact same problem you do.

2.  The reason the Full file count on Jan 20 is not the simple addition of Jan. 13-Jan. 19 backups is because there must have been some files deleted during the same time frame, or some files were just updated, not just new ones added.  For example, if I back up 100 files in a full today, add 10 new files tomorrow and update 10 files, an incremental backup run tomorrow will be 20 files whereas a full backup would only be 110 files, not 120.

3.  I've been fighting with the additional data included by the parent job, too.  There is no way to filter it out within OpsCenter.  You will have to export the data and filter it in something like Excel.  Just be aware that there are other reporting issues with the OpsCenter reports, and I've yet to find someone at Symantec who actually uses the product enough that could explain some of these things to their engineers.  As far as they are usually concerned, the report is working as it is supposed to.