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Ops Center Capacity Licensing

Created: 18 Jul 2012 | 5 comments

Hello All,

I am needing to figure out how much capacity we use for licensing purposes. After reading some forums i believe i just need to get information from the last full backup of all systems that we do over the weekend. I am currently on 7.5 which it says it can be done in opscenter. The report I generated from is Performance Reports-Storage Unit Storage. Can you help me figure out what field i am suppose to be using?

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The Deployment Analysis is what you need, and it is not part of the "Reports" tab.

Click on "Manage", then on the blue bar at the dop, select "Deployment Analysis". 

If you are licensing NBU by server, number of clients, Enterprise Disk, etc, choose the "Traditional Licensing" tab; otherwise, if you are simply licensed by capacity, choose "Capacity Licensing".

Follow the rest of the instructions and the report will be run in the background.  You can continue to use OpsCenter while it is running, and will received an email with the report attached as a spreadsheet.  You may need to verify the data on one of the tabs to correct any duplicate backups or test jobs, and those instructions are included in the spreadsheet.  When finished, the first tab will be updated with the capacity info you should need.

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Wow thanks for the quick response...It is saying the agent is not configured for this Master Server and Capacity License Deployment Data Collection is not enabled in the netbackup Configuration Settings. I am starting to research to see what prerequistes are needed right now......

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If you are familiar with an older version of OCA, you may not be aware that there are some additional fields in the Configuration that you need to update.

Click on the Settings tab, then Configuration, and in the NetBackup tab, check the box next to your Master Server name and the Edit button should no longer grayed out.  Click on that Edit button.

In the Advanced Data Collection Properties section, check the box for "Enable Capacity License Deployment Data Collection:".  (If you also check the Traditional License check box, you must supply a valid user name and password that has access to the NBU master server.)  Click on the "Validate Agent" button and you should see "Agent "xxxxxxx" located successfully" in green text right below that.  Then go back and run the Deployment Analysis again.

We don't use Capacity Licensing, so I can't resolve much more than this.  If you encounter any problems and no one else on this board responds, I suggest a support call to Symantec.

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I only have one Master Server so instead of using OpsCenter I simply used the nbdeployutil utility in the bin/admincmd folder on the Master Server.

In Linux I simply run it with --gather and then when finished as it sugest run again using the --report option against the file it generated above.  Not sure how it's done for Windows but I'm guessing it'll be pretty much the same.

This generates an excel file you can then look at.  The data is pretty obvious.

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FYI, the Excel file is the same one produced and email to yuo when you run Deployment Analysis from OpsCenter.  I just tried running it from OCA yesterday and was getting errors (I have to double-check some OCA settings, but think there is some sort of bug in OCA, not sure yet).  I followed the advice I found and ran the nbdeployutil, as you also suggested, and it produced the Excel file.