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Ops center licence details

Created: 23 Nov 2012 • Updated: 24 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
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Hi Folk,

We used NOM in 6.5.5 veritas netbackup versiona and we have upgraded to are not able to use NOM any more in let us know any licence required for opscenter alone.

I have checked with symantec they are telling opscenter itself required base licence?Its correct?

Why they mensioned in pdf opscenter is free version like?Still i am confussing.

I dont want opscenter analytics..


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Basic Opscenter without Analytics is free of cost. If you need custom queries, Many more reports you have to have OCA or OpsCenter Analytics License. Hope this answers to your question.


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Thanks Khajan,,,Let me check with syamtec customer support about this one and get back to u...

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Support does not deal with licensing - Customer Care does.

Believe us (and the manual) when we tell you that that Ops Center is free and that Ops Center Analytics needs to be licensed. 

Follow the advice above - download and install. You will see that it works without license.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Thanks Marianne for confirmation...I wil install and check it..

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Hi Marianne,

We have successfully installed and discovered ops-centre.Thanks you very much for your help always,



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Base Opscener does not require any Licenses, you can download and install it, 

just try the installtion and configure the Opscener and see if that is fullfilling your requirements and reports and all.. most of the basis reports and monitering is included in Base Opscenter.

if Base Opscener is not enough for your requiremnet you can think about the OpsCenter Analytics..

hope this helps.. 

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NOM may not work if it has custom scripts and was added to OpsCenter post upgrades (script doesn't get upgraded, it has to be copied prior to upgrade and paste it post upgrade)

Custom scripts means custom reports for OpsCenter which is delimited by means of Analytics license 

Consult with SE or sales account manager for eval key and check if it helps and meets ur organization requirement . then go for purchase

Hope this helps