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Ops Center report for count of successful & failed backup jobs in last month

Created: 22 May 2012 • Updated: 26 Jun 2012 | 3 comments
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I'm hoping someone can help me to create a report we need for our monthly reporting, there doesn't look to be a template for what we need, and I'm getting a bit lost....

Basically, we need to produce a report at the end of each month listing the total number of sucessful & failed backup jobs for the last month. Is it possible to make a report which will exclude unsuccessful attempts? I.e if a job  runs and fails, then retries and succeeds I'd like this to show up as a success & ignore the failed attempts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Praveen Choudhari's picture


We have a existing report template "Advanced Success Rate" which can solve the purpose. Please see attachment for applying additional filter to solve your use case.

To get the report for last month , there are 2 ways of doing..

1. You have to specify absolute time frame and then generate the report.

2. Schedule the report on every last day of the month.



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Hi Praveen,

Thanks for your help, this report is almost exactly what we need...sorry I also should have mentioned that we manage backups for a number of clients, so we really need to produce a report for each client.

It doesn't look like I can filter this report by policy name ( for instance, contains clientname_ ), do you know if there is anyway to force this, or are we going to have to write a custom SQL query or something like that?



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1. This report will show aggregated data and not per client.

2. We do have filtering by policy on the report but only '=' operator is supported.