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Ops Center Reports - 2 policies from NetBackup

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 5 comments

Good Morning / Afternoon. 

Today is my first day with OpsCenter and I am looking for a bit of a nudge in the right direction. 

I am the Windows Sys Admin and I need a daily report that my Exchange Server and File Server have backed up successfully (or not).

Our Enviroment is mixed Windows and Linux and I am only responsible for the two servers mentioned above.

We are using NetBackup and As we are backing up a DAG, there are multiple databases, and the fileserver uses multiple streams. 

I need a daily report that basically says : Policy DAG - Sucessful - Start at 20:00 End 21:12 - Complete.  Policy Fileserver- Failed - Start :22:00 End: 22:01

What is the best way to create the above report?  I see Reports (Tab) -> Report Templates -> Backup -> Job Browser -> Tabular Backup Report.

And I can filter by Policy type - but it only allows me to select one policy at a time (fileserver OR dag) and it shows each stream on a different line. 

Can someone push me into the right direction ? 

Thank You. 

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There are several ways to accomplish this via custom reporting... do you have analytics?

Click on Reports, Create New Report, and do you get the option for Custom Reporting.

You should be able to build the report, following the wizard, and add your filters.

You will want to ensure that 'job directory' is one of the selected column names and you can also add the items mentioned above.

  • Policy
  • Exit Status Code 
  • Start
  • End 
  • Job Status (Complete)
  • etc

You should also be able to filter on more then one item, by holding CTRL and clicking the additional policies.

Hope this helps... if not, let me know if you have analytics, and I maybe able to provide step by step tomorrow.


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So the "use control key" to select multiple servers worked great.  Thanks Tom.

I do not have analytics.

I was able to create a report that is close to what I need.  The one thing missing is that it still shows all the seperate Mailbox jobs and different streams for my fileserver, but I am on the right track. 

I did not see "'job directory" in my list. 


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The Job Directory is only going to be present on a Custom Report, not a Custom Report based on a Template.

If you create a new report, and choose the 2nd option / radio button, you can follow the same wizard to build the report, and add the Job Directory Column.

If you have any questios, please let me know.


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I have Analytics installed and I am in the process of creating the custom report. 

I could use the step by step if you can, I do not see any way to create a report that shows the succes of my DAG or Filer Policy. 

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Hey Tom,

Any chance of that walkthrough that you suggested ?