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Ops Centre 7.5 report on active jobs - Hourly progress

Created: 03 Jul 2013 • Updated: 09 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
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We have jobs running for many hours backing up many Mb of data. One is a large Exchange backup.

Can Ops Centre report on ACTIVE jobs?

Can we setup an hourly report (Automated) in Ops Centre that will show the progress of the job or stream per mail on an hourly basis?

What Data Collection needs to be in place, and at what intervals to achieve this?

Do we require OC Analytics?

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I am looking at creating these reports BUT it seems to me you cannot create reports of an ACTIVE job.

Which report will give me the progress of a running job - per hour.

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I have a Custom SQL that will work to report Active Jobs... however, It would require analytics to run.

I have included some common fields that may be useful for recieving this data hourly.
SELECT   id AS "Job ID",
         clientname AS "Client",
         utcbiginttonomtime(starttime) AS "Start Time",
         filesbackedup AS "File Count",
         byteswritten/1024 AS "KByte Count",
         throughput AS "ThroughPut",
         attemptcount AS "Attempt #",
         policyname AS "Policy",
         schedulename AS "Schedule Name"

FROM domain_job 
WHERE state = 1

There is a canned report, under workload analyzer called, Job Count WorkLoad Analyzer, that will provide a 'heat map' of the number of jobs active per 4 hours.... The number of jobs per range is adjustable. Please execute the report and let me know if that is what you are looking for.


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This SQL procedure did exactly what I wanted. I even added a clie nt name, and now I can report on a specifief client.

Now I am just going to schedule this to run every hour. Seems to me you need to build a schedule for every hour AS the reoccurance can only be done on a daily basis.

Thank you very very much.



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