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opscenter 7.5 Report using query

Created: 01 May 2013 | 2 comments

I'm attempting to create a query in Ops Center 7.5 to accomplish the following report: Client name, mastername ,policy name, backup window, retention period

The problem is that I know jack about SQL queries and I don't see any way of creating this report outside of a custom query. Any advice or pointers here are appreciated. Thank you.

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if you want to use "SQL queries" function, it need OpsCenter Analytics license.

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Just to let you the info you want from the4 database will give you multiple multiple rows for each policy. You will need to put in into excel and do some sort of pivot on it or something of the sort...

SELECT dpc.clientName AS 'Client'
       ,dm.networkName AS 'Master Server'
       , AS 'Policy Name'
       , AS 'Backup Window'
       ,ds.retension AS 'Retention Level'
       , AS 'Backup Type'
FROM domain_Policy dp
INNER JOIN domain_PolicyClient dpc
ON = dpc.policyName
INNER JOIN domain_Schedule ds
ON dpc.policyName = ds.policyName
INNER JOIN domain_MasterServer dm
ON dp.masterServerId =
INNER JOIN lookup_ScheduleType st
ON = ds.type

Also I have not found a way to convert the window into something readable so that will be a deffinate fallback. If you can figure out how to convert the window data into something that dosen't make my eyes bleed, let me know.

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