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OpsCenter 7.6 Upgrade Purge Setting Changes - Important for Analytics Users - Please Read!

Created: 13 Dec 2013
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In OpsCenter 7.6, purge settings will change from 420 to 220 days.
For fresh 7.6 installations, there should be no cause for concern.
However, upgrades from previous versions of OpsCenter, could cause a large amount of historical job information to be purged from OpsCenter.
Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter 7.6 Administrator's Guide PDF
pg. 254
Note:  Before OpsCenter 7.6,the default data purge period for the backup jobs data was 420 days.
             In case of OpsCenter 7.6 upgrade, the default data purge period that is displayed for backup jobs data
            depends on what you had in the previous  OpsCenter version.
            If you retained the default data purge period in the previous OpsCenter version (that is 420 days), in OpsCenter 7.6, it is set to 220 days.
            If you changed the default data purge period in the previous OpsCenter version, the same period is displayed in OpsCenter 7.6. 
For example: If you changed the default period in OpsCenter 7.5 from 420 to 500 days, in OpsCenter 7.6, it is set to 500 days
In short, if you have never changed your default purge settings from 420 days (default) in OpsCenter 7.0, 7.1, or 7.5, and upgrade to 7.6, your default will become 220 days. When OpsCenter triggers its purge cycle, 200 days of historical information will be lost.
Please Note:  This is only for users that have never modified the default purge setting of 420 days, in previous releases.
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