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OpsCenter Analytics - Default Host Alias wrong

Created: 21 Aug 2014 | 3 comments

Does anyone know where Analytics is getting it's "host Alias" information from? Out of 1000+ clients, I have about 50 of them that default as showing their IP address as the client name. But, I have one that is displaying an IP address that has never been valid for any system. I have checked host files on all systems, DNS entries, client setup entries, bpcltncmd details and can't find how it registered this as an alias. Now, my reports are not meaningful because of the wrong name. 

Ideas about where this information is derived from? 

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watsons's picture

Do you mean those shown under "Setting" -> "Configuration" -> "Host Alias"?

It is possible that OpsCenter still retrieve those old client hostnames, which may not be valid anymore or decomissioned. Those info or hostname/IP will not be found in any of your master server configuration. 

This is default OpsCenter feature which keeps a longer history of your environment, the database has its own repository to keep that. If you do not wish to keep those old info, try to set your "Data Purge" to have it removed older data.

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thanks for the feedback.

Yes I do mean "Setting" -> "Configuration" -> "Host Alias" setting, but, these are not decommissioned servers.

For example: I have a server "CLIENTA" that has an IP address of "" and is backing up successfully. However, under host alias, the client name "CLIENTA" shows up as alias1 of "". Also, when I run reports to show successful backups, the name is always listed as "" not as the true client name.

And yet, I can't find anywhere in my configuration where it would have got the 169.x.x.x IP from.

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OK, think I found something similar in my environment, although I did not use IP address.

Run a SQL query report using this:

SELECT alias FROM domain_EntityAlias WHERE entityId in (
SELECT id FROM domain_entity WHERE name='CLIENTA' AND (entityType & 8) <> 0)

..and you should see those aliases for CLIENTA. Bet you may find the IP 169.x.x.x there.

If that's true, run this and see if you still have the alias set in your current EMM:

nbemmcmd -machinealias -getaliases -machinename CLIENTA -machinetype client

(assuming CLIENTA is an actual NBU client, not media server nor any other machinetype)

If the 169.x.x.x entry is there, you can remove it by:

nbemmcmd -machinealias -deletealias -alias 169.x.x.x