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OPSCenter data collection time interval

Created: 16 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

Good Afternoon,

I'm facing some problems with data collection in opscenter.

There's one master server 7.0.1 and one server where is installed OPSCenter 7.5. Almost everything is working fine.

I can see OPScenter is collecting all data from master server. The problem its time interval of data collection is too long.

For example: the last time opscenter collected job's data was yesterday (it's almost a day interval). On opscenter data collection screen there's no error, everything is "completed".

I read at the symantec forum that default time interval for job collection is about 30 seconds. Is there a way so I can change it ? Some config files to set ?

Just for information , I'm not using any installed agent on master server.

Thanks in advance

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shilpa N's picture

Please check your nbsl log on master server for any error related to any event.

Go to /usr/openv/logs/nbsl for unix & <install_path>\veritas\netbackup\logs\nbsl for windows.

grep "ERROR" *.log | grep -i Event

ldias's picture

I checked nbsl logs and i got same error/event over and over:

"51216-132-1678392341-120801-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,126793,1343790001113,636,182990535616,0:,56:ERROR event Q is deactivated(../EventDispatcher.cpp:178),24:EventDispatcher::enqueue,1
51216-132-1678392341-120801-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,126794,1343790002440,636,182990535616,0:,56:ERROR event Q is deactivated(../EventDispatcher.cpp:178),24:EventDispatcher::enqueue,1
51216-132-1678392341-120801-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,126795,1343790060827,636,182990535616,0:,56:ERROR event Q is deactivated(../EventDispatcher.cpp:178),24:EventDispatcher::enqueue,1
51216-132-1678392341-120801-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,126796,1343790063436,636,1077942624,0:,56:ERROR event Q is deactivated(../EventDispatcher.cpp:178),24:EventDispatcher::enqueue,1

Then I filtered a few messages different from these above:

51216-132-1678392341-120826-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,64891,1346030122206,32589,1077942624,0:,88:ERROR : Event send failed. setting callback status to down(../EventSupplierTask.cpp:130),31:EventSupplierTask::handle_input,1
51216-132-1678392341-120826-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,64893,1346030122206,32589,1077942624,0:,58:ERROR: flusing all events : (../EventSupplierTask.cpp:307),36:EventSupplierTask::setCallbackStatus,1
51216-132-1678392341-120826-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,64901,1346030158261,32589,1103157600,0:,78:ERROR: Callback is down. Will not deliver events(../EventSupplierTask.cpp:172),31:EventSupplierTask::shallEnqueue,1
51216-132-1678392341-120826-0000000000.log:0,51216,132,132,64902,1346030158261,32589,1103157600,0:,48:ERROR: Q is inactive(../EventDispatcher.cpp:145),29:EventDispatcher::handle_input,1

Aparently there's something related to "EventDispatcher".

The curious thing, when I "force" data collection through OPSCenter (Configuration -> Netbackup -> Disable Data Collection and then run Enable Data Collection) data starts being collected.

Some event are collected periodically like clients, error logs, images.

The issue is with "job event's". The data sometimes, suddendly stops being collected. So when I run reports job events are outdated.

shilpa N's picture

There are 2 problems here.

1) NBSL to OpsCenter connectiving is breaking. Hence you are seeing the 2nd set of errors ie errors mentioning  "Event send failed."

2) For errors : "Event send failed. setting callback status" there is a EEB avaibale with support. Once you place this EEB collection should resume automatically if a failure is observed.

Please contact support for the EEB. Once you place the EEB & you still see the problem mentioned in #1, please escallate it through support.