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OpsCenter - "Fatal error during installation" (upgrade from clean 7.5 to

Created: 16 Oct 2012 | 21 comments


I have searched for any information about this but only found basic information and not real solution. The problem is with upgrading OpsCenter 7.5 to Maintenance Pack.

I am installing a clean OpsCenter software (basic version, not Analytics), version 7.5. Then I try to upgrade to version but it always fails at Database Schema Upgrade stage and rolls back to 7.5 version with “Fatal error during installation”. The log does not give me any useful information.

In the past I had issues upgrading from OpsCenter 7.0.1 to 7.5 (I had to scratch the database and install it clean, then I was able to “upgrade” – now I cannot even upgrade from a clean version of 7.5 to

A fragment of the log:

10-16-2012,13:20:47 : Started Service: SQLANYs_VERITAS_OPSCENTER
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : Started Service: OpsCenterServer
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : Started Service: OpsCenterWebServer
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : SRVRCustAct[Exit]::StartOpsCenterServerServices
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : GetLastErrorStringEntering Function GetLastErrorString
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : GetLastErrorStringExiting Function GetLastErrorString With return value Fatal error during installation. on Line No. 272
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : Return value for the Install action is : 1603 Error String : Fatal error during installation.
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : Call the API for Post Install configuration
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : CDlgInstallProgressBase::InstallProductExiting Function CDlgInstallProgressBase::InstallProduct With return value 1603 on Line No. 158
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : CDlgInstallProgressBase::OnInstallStopEntering Function CDlgInstallProgressBase::OnInstallStop
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : GetLastErrorStringEntering Function GetLastErrorString
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : GetLastErrorStringExiting Function GetLastErrorString With return value Fatal error during installation. on Line No. 272
10-16-2012,13:20:47 : Fatal error during installation.

Operating System: Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 x64

Has anyone ever found any real solution for this?

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Hi Opsuser,

What is your Opscenter OS?

Can u try to upgrdate and after that to

Plz check the below link for some additional info.

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In the words of Bill Clinton, " I feel your pain."  My company tried for a year to get this product to work in our Enterpise environment and even had one of the engineers who developed Ops Center flown in from Germany, We ended up  dropping the product, A few months ago they began a second attempt and the results have been as frustrating as ever.  I wish you all the luck, but I have yet to hear from anyone that has had "fun" with Ops Center. 

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Thank you for your comments.

I have tried to upgrade to first but it did not work either. The result is the same: “Fatal error during installation”. So it seems like no update to the existing base version 7.5 is possible (I actually tried update as well – same result).

I also tried to reinstall OpsCenter 7.5 from scratch and then update to any of the available Maintenance Packs (,, – same thing.

The problem is always with upgrading database schema. Can this upgrade be done outside of the installation software? Manually?

As mentioned before, my OpsCenter OS is Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 x64.

If you have any additional suggestions for this issue, please let me know.

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Hello opsuser

I had exactly the same problem!

Then I tried the following:

1. Run the command prompt as elevated Admininstrator

2. In the command prompt run opsadmin.bat stop

3. Run the setup.exe for the Maintenance Pack in the command prompt

and it worked.

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As BackArch said, plz check are you doing the installation as administrator.

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I tried the actions suggested by BackArch, but it still does not work (opened cmd as Administrator, stopped OpsCenter services, started the setup.exe). It gives me "Downgrading database schema to previous level" after all software components are installed and then "Fatal error during installation" as usual (rolled back to previous OpsCenter version).

Previously I have, of course, run the setup.exe as administrator as well (RMB > Run as administrator) to no effect. I have full admin rights on the server as I have successfully installed OpsCenter 7.5.

This issue remains a mystery for now.

Thank you for your comments.

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Please findt he below Link.ENsure the package is properly downloaded. .

Please refer to the above link for usage.

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Thanks, but I have downloaded the package a couple of times and each time the zip file extracted correctly. So I am assuming all is OK with the installation package itself.

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Please refer the tech note.Kindly ensure the steps are followed. You can follow silent installation of the  Maintenence Pack. If the issue persists, kindly open a call with symantec.

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I understand your frustration, however, I can assure you that the upgrade from 7.5GA to 7.5.0.x is possible, and there is another underlying issue.

1) Disable AntiVirus during installation.

2) Ensure there is plenty of freespace on the database volume. (3 x's the size of the database files)

2) Ensure you have the correct patch, Mansoor provided the x86 link, and I can see you are running x64.

3) Is NetBackup already installed on the system, and at which version?

4) Do not execute the install from a Network Share / UNC path.

5) Make sure you extract the patch, and you are not running from the compressed file.

          --- Yes, this has happened, as Windows 2008 zip icons look a lot like folder icons, and will allow you to browse and launch the installer.

6) If all these fail, please provide the dbmanager / dbupgrade logs from the time of the upgrade. 

           --- ./installpath/OpsCenter/Server/db/logs


Note: If this post provides you with a solution don't forget to mark the discussion as solved...

opsuser's picture

Thank you again for your suggestions. Here is my further input to the “case”:

1) Antivirus disabled.

2) DB size is 2.82 GB (freshly installed) and there is 369 GB of free space on the volume.

3) I have the following patch: “Veritas OpsCenter 7_5_0_4_x64_patch”. It is definitely unzipped (it’s the first thing I do when running setup of anything).

3) NetBackup is NOT installed on this particular system (installed on separate servers). NetBackup server version is

4) Executing the setup from the same local drive the database is kept on.

5) For sure I have extracted the patch and running it from a clean folder.

6) Ran the installation again but it failed with the same result.

Other information:

I cannot open a Symantec case since I am using the basic version of OpsCenter (and not Analytics).

I cannot find dbmanager or dbupgrade logs in any of the locations:

  1. Software: \Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\db\log

    Only the following files are there:


  1. Database: \Data\Symantec\OpsCenter\Server\DB\Data\OpsCenterDB

Only the following files are there, no subfolders present:

I checked for the files during and after the installation. I also searched all drives for those files during and after the installation (I used wildcards – hidden files and folders are visible). No luck.
I attached the "OpsCenterMaintPackInstallLog" file (zipped).

Is this an indication of a bigger issue?

AttachmentSize 3.69 KB
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If you have a support entitlement for NetBackup, you should be able to open a case for your OpsCenter upgrade. (Regardless of Analytics or not!) 

Looks to be failing during the database upgrade process....

10-23-2012,12:06:41 : WebUICAHelper[Entry]::ExecuteCommandLine

10-23-2012,12:06:41 : Executing "C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\OPSCEN~1\Server\bin\opspostinstall.bat"  "server"  "7.5"  ""  "2"  in Directory C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\OPSCEN~1\Server\bin\

10-23-2012,12:11:44 : Return value from the command line : 255


10-23-2012,12:11:45 : ApplyUpdateChangesPostInstall_Rollback
Also, is the database on a different volume then C: ?
How much space is available on the C: Drive?
Also, I would try a dbdefrag prior to upgrading, just to see if it completes successfully.... then attempt upgrade again.

Note: If this post provides you with a solution don't forget to mark the discussion as solved...

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Sorry for not responding quicker.

  1. The software is installed on C: drive (27.4 GB of free space out of 68.3 GB).
  2. The database is residing on D: drive (367 GB of free space out of 683 GB).
  3. DBDEFRAG gives me the following result:

Stopping the OpsCenter Web Console Service...
Stopping the OpsCenter Server...

That’s it. No progress information or anything (and OpsCenter services are not stopped after that). Seems like it doesn’t work on my server anymore (and I remember I've done DBDEFRAG a few months ago before going for 7.5 version).

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I had different issue but maybe worth a try :-

1)  Click Setup.exe to start the OpsCenter install.

2)  Go to start menu, run %TEMP%

3)  From the %TEMP%, right click on the file LICENSE.htm and edit it with Notepad.

4)  Select all the contents of the file and erase it.

5)  Save file and continue with install

opsuser's picture

Hello all4one,

I've done the procedure you suggested but it did not work, unfortunately. Thank you for the tip, though.

Best regards

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Sorry for not responding earlier. The issue with OpsCenter was finally resolved by setting up a new server and installing the software from scratch.

On the old server, OpsCenter was in non-upgradeable state, as I've been told by Symantec (whatever it means).

Thank you all for your help and comments. The topic is now closed.