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OpsCenter help in creating stacked bar graph on job duration

Created: 14 Mar 2013


I'm looking to create a report from NBU Opscenter v7.1.0.4 that will show a stacked bar graph of the number of jobs (backup and/or duplicate) that complete in 0-12hrs, 12-24hrs, 24-48 hrs, over 48hrs. So  I thought I could create a stacked bar graph with each chunklet a different color that shows  during this day - x amount of jobs completed in >12 hrs, and x amount completed in 12-24 hrs etc.  .  This would help show in a graphical format how we are meeting are backup and duplication metrics.  I can run a similar tabular report however it's a lot of manual work to take that and turn it into a graph.. especially if it's something we want to know on a regular basis or overtime to see trending etc.  

So far, I've created a Custom Report  with Relative time frame of 1 week and the following options:

  • Filters:  Job Type = Duplicate
  • Report on :  Master Server:
  • X-Axis:  Job End Time
  • Y1 Axis:  Job Duration and Count
  • Time Duration: Hours
  • Chart Type: Stack Bar Graph
  • No Forecast or Trending

But the resulting graph isn't what I'm exactly looking for..

Thanks for the help.

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