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OPSCenter Restore reporting

Created: 17 Feb 2013 | 1 comment


I do read that activity monitor is set by default to 3 days, and is intended for current activities.

The solution is to use opscenter/analytics, but this has a big drawback

The report only shows the amount of files and file sizes not the actual files restored as in activity monitor

This is totally unacceptible from an audit point of view

Have you been able to pick up the logs from activity monitor and save it in a readable format

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Mauro Gabriel Barberis's picture

What you mention about OpsCenter and Restores is a known missing feature, which I was told will be included in later versions. ( I hope )

As alternative, you can use the output of bpdbjobs -all_columns to get the job details... this will give you the list of files to be restored ( not in real time, this is the initial list, not the files that were successfully restored )

All you need to do is split the fields in lines, with a text processing tool such as awk or perl, while using the comma character as separator. The output can be very very large.
Peter L. Buschman has shared a very nice Perl subfunction to parse the -all_columns output:

Here is the explanation of the -most_columns fields ( first fields are the same as in all_columns):

And there's also the trylogs to get some extra information, they're easier to parse:

Hope it helps somehow.. even though it isn't exactly the realtime file per file restore as shown in the GUI..