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Optiplex 9020 - Winpe 2.01 nic driver

Created: 20 Aug 2013 | 7 comments

Hi I am looking for a driver for OptiPlex 9020 and latitude 6540 that will work in a winpe 2.01 environment. We are currently using Altiris Deployment server 6.8 and waiting on the next service pack (not yet available) to upgrade our environment to winpe 3.0

In the past we have used the Vista drivers in the winpe environment, on the intel site it is stated vista is not supported!!!

Card details:

Intel Ethernet Connection l217-LM
Device ID 153A
Vendor ID: 8086


Operating Systems:

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Winpe 2.01 is a shorter version of Win XP so the driver you will need is XP drivers.. I have checked the Dell website however i could not find any driver for WIn XP.. You may have want to search other sites, howerver i am affared if Dell has not release it then you will not find it anywhere. The only solution i can think of is to upgrade to WinPE 3.0 Or try using Linux PE.

Hope this Helps

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No there is no XP driver on either Dell or Intel web site and it is stated as not supported. We cannot simply upgrade to Winpe 3.0 on the deployment server until the next service pack is released.

We haven't used Linex PE previously and did consider it but then dismissed as we use the waik tools during the winpe process to inject drivers and didn't think this would work with Linux PE.

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I have not tested this yet, but this looks like a page that has the XP drivers.

Will do more testing tomorrow. 

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Hi - looks like we have stumbled on to the same problem. Running CMS 7.1 SP1, and can't deploy in WinPE to the Optiplex 9020 AIOs we've just had - presumably due to not having the correct driver. Did you manage to find a driver for WinPE2 or did you find a workaround that might be usable?

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Same crud different day. I'm working on porting WinPE 3.1 into our Altiris environment and well its not going as smoothly as it has had for others.

Would be really great if SP6 came out sooner than later.


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Our team has imported the the winpe3.1 boot image into DS6.9 and it is working with 9020s. tjhey are currently working on a Winpe4.0 solution for DS6.9 also which appears to be working in test.

The boot image was created using the following process

Creating bootable pe 3.1 waik

Most of these instructions from and the bat file was obtained from here as well

 Install waik 3.0 from cd image

Copy contents from waik 3.1 update cd image over top of old waik files xcopy E:\ "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools" /ERDY Taken from tech net article Extract downloaded zip file to the root drive Copy windows 7 drivers that are needed to the driver folder inside folder just copied

NOTE: we have dell models which seem to be supported in the base wim file no drivers needed for network cards. The 9010 and newer 9020 6540 models were the reason as no vsita drivers available.

Run Bat file to generate base image x86 and x64 wim files Copy result wim files to \\servername\express\WAIK\Tools\PETools

\amd64 or \x86 respectively.

Rename original wim files from winpe.wim to oldwinpe.wim Rename newly generated files copied in above step to winpe.wim in both locations Use boot disk creator. Create new image with bootwiz Accept defaults but only tick WMI and wsh options as everything already in the wim file in packages Map network drives needed as follows Also map y drive \\servername\express and z drive as \\servername\images Rest are default options in wizard When done right click on result image and create bootable image Select usb and automation This will create bootable pe 3.1 on flash drive Testing its best to delete machine out of ds so that when booting with usb drive the dagent will hold waiting for job. If already in the ds machine will just reboot with no jobs to process Upon first boot off thumb drive machine should be added to the ds