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DLP 11.6 Oracle For 2 or 3 Tier Installation?

Created: 25 Feb 2013 • Updated: 26 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Our DLP 11.6 installation package includes a license for Oracle One.  

Since we have DBAs, we would like them to install and manage it rather than having to attempt to learn how to manage Oracle for DLP ourselves.

What do we tell the DBAs are the requirements for the Oracle installation? 

We area trying to minimize hardware requirements since it is not a large environment.  Do we need to have them use the Symantec-provided Oracle software and create a new database on a new server or can this attach an Oracle server that they may already be using.

Can we also do a 2 Tier installation with Oracle and Enforce on the same hardware and still have the DBAs install and manage the Oracle on the Enforce server?

What is the best setup for up to 400 endpoints?

Operating Systems:

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a 2 tier install is fine for 400 users, i would setup the enforce box in the following config

Mirror OS drive

Mirror D drive or where oracle sits 450 gig 10 sas drives

since your are going to have the scanners in the enforce box i would suggest some higher hardware specs.

2 quad cores 16 gig of memory, this will allow for parallel scanning of file shares, servers, sharepoint

remeber oracle is only supprted under server 2008 and rhel 5 @ this point, so i you try setting it up on aix or something else support may have the option of not supporting you. also the rest of the scanners other then network monitor can run in vmware.

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Is there any problem having OS and software all on one large C drive?

We were not planning to have separate drives.  It would be 4 drives in RAID5 configuration showing as one large volume.

Does it matter if it is Server 2008 vs 2008R2?

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no there is not aproblem you can i just prefer to do it this way.

as long as 08 is 64 bit you should be good...