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Oracle Agent with Windows 64bit Problem, credential error

Created: 31 Oct 2010 • Updated: 01 Nov 2010 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear All,

I'm using Symantec Backup Exec Version 12.5

I have 2 Oracle server that need to be backed up, both of server using oracle 10g 32bit :

the first server using Windows Server 2003 32bit, Oracle agent installed. The backup and restore operation Completed Successfully there.

but i've problem when setting the Agent backup at my 2nd server using Windows Server 2003 64bit, i get Error when setting the Oracle tab :

Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent Utility
Unable to validate Oracle database credentials. Try again.

I'm sure that the credential is correct, i can login using SQLplus successfully and already follow all the step here :

even i already create new user using this documentation :

and just for testing, i change the Oracle tnsnames at my first server (32bit) to point to my second database server (64bit),

the Backup Agent at my 32bit server detect the 2nd database Instance and there is no Credential Error.

so i'm kinda desperate about this problem now, is there any compatibility issue with 64bit?

i've seen a few post unanswered related to this issue :(

any responese would be much appreciated.

Cheers :)

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d4niboyz's picture

Okay, hope this will shed some light on this issue..

i'm using SGMon.exe application to generate the Remote Agent Log, here is the Log :


VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:16] [3444]     EXIT VxMonitor::OnTimer()
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     OCIINTERCONNECT::LogonOracle: db = (BACKOFF1), home_dir = (d:\oracle\10.2.0), user =(sys), passwd= (****)
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     Current Oracle user name (sys)
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     putenv(ORACLE_SID=BACKOFF1)
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     putenv(ORACLE_HOME=d:\oracle\10.2.0)
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     ERR - oci.dll load failed: .

    Trying with absolute path...
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     ERR - oci.dll not loaded:
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     Failed to logon to database, other error: Error code (0x1)
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     Returning E_RMAN_LOGON_OTHER error (0xe000100f)
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     OCIINTERCONNECT::LogonOracle: Logon is Unsuccessful
VXMON_FU: [11/01/10 09:29:21] [3444]     ENTER VxMonitor::OnTimer()


already googling about oci.dll, it seems this is about oracle 32bit that installed on 64bit OS.. because as default 32bit application installed on "C:\Program Files (x86)"

does Symantec Agent didnt recognize the parenthesis on the Registry path ?

please help me :)

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BE will not work with 32-bit Oracle installed on a 64-bit OS.  This is clearly stated in Note 5 on page 22 of the SCL.  The SCL for BE 12.5 is given below

d4niboyz's picture

Many Thank Mr.pkh, you just make my day :)

anyway could you please suggest me about backup strategy for my database server then :(

i think, i will full backup my Drive, System State, shadow copy component and then Exclude all the file/folder that related with Oracle Database. to prevent the dead lock (cmiiw)

is there will give any problem with the server & database if im using AOFO enabled ? (i need the backup online)

i will backup the database dump separately.

Cheers :)

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There should not be a problem with AOFO if you are excluding your database.  To backup your database, you can use the built-in Oracle facility to dump it onto flat-files and back those up using BE.