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Oracle Backup & Restore using Backup Exec 2012

Created: 20 Aug 2014 • Updated: 20 Aug 2014 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


i'm new to Backup Exec and don't know if my issues are related to missing knowledge, misconfiguration or incompatibilities of the systems.

I have configured Backup Exec to take Backups of my Oracle Instance and then i tested the recovery process.

In more detail this means, backup of a single Tablespace (Backup job successful), change of some data (Records) on oracle and recovery (Recovery job Successful) of such tablespace.

My issue is:

Performing the recovery of such tablespace does not recover any data (The data still remain as after change).

I have testet such thing using online Backups with Oracle in Archivelog mode and offline Backups while Oracle was not in Archivelog mode.

Environment: (all server installed on VMware servers)

* Symantec Backup Exec 2012   14.0 Rev. 1798 64bit      on Server 2008 R2

* Oracle 11g (                                                 on SLES 11 (64 bit)

* Ralus client (1798.1373.0)

Thank you

This is the output of the Restore Job Log:

 # -----------------------------------------------------------------
 # RMAN command section
 # -----------------------------------------------------------------
 RUN {
 SEND 'BSA_SERVICE_HOST=backupserverip,NBBSA_TOTAL_STREAMS=1,NBBSA_JOB_COOKIE={3C7DB8D2-6192-4003-B465-479C2C4988A1},NBBSA_DB_DEVICE_NAME=Oracle-Linux::\\oracleserverfqdn\ALLSVL01';
 alter database open;
using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
allocated channel: ch0
channel ch0: SID=133 device type=SBT_TAPE
channel ch0: Symantec/BackupExec/1.1.0

sent command to channel: ch0

Starting restore at 20-AUG-14

channel ch0: starting datafile backup set restore
channel ch0: specifying datafile(s) to restore from backup set
channel ch0: restoring datafile 00005 to /u02/oracle/oradata/ALLSVL01/test_ts.dbf
channel ch0: reading from backup piece BE_0mpgdktc_1_1
channel ch0: piece handle=BE_0mpgdktc_1_1 tag=TAG20140820T093019
channel ch0: restored backup piece 1
channel ch0: restore complete, elapsed time: 00:00:35
Finished restore at 20-AUG-14

Starting recover at 20-AUG-14

starting media recovery
media recovery complete, elapsed time: 00:00:00

Finished recover at 20-AUG-14

released channel: ch0

database opened


Recovery Manager complete.

Operating Systems:

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VJware's picture

Afaik, post the restore of a deleted item from tablespace,the redo logs are rolled forward and synchronized meaning the item is first restored and then deleted.

One way would be to run point in time restore of the tablespace, however this isn't supported by BE. (Oracle does though)

Another way would be to point in time restore the entire instance itself. You could setup a new instance and then do a redirected restore to it.

Worker's picture


Exist there a possibility to avoid the synchronization of the redo log with the recovered tablespace?

Exist some easier to use (faster) recovery mechanism in Backup Exec to recover deleted data from a Oracle Instance?

VJware's picture

Nopes to your first query.

BE's oracle agent allows you to recovery either the DB, tablespace, datafiles and the instance itself. You can either select the the complete DB or the individual tablespace or the datafile itself. Just one and only way to restore using BE.