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Oracle Configuration Watch template file (.ocw)

Created: 19 Feb 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 1 comment

Does anyone have a sample Oracle Configuration Watch template (oraconf.ocw) file they would be willing to share?  We are using ESM 6.5, with Oracle agent 3.0.


The template is apparently not distributed with the Oracle agent installation, nor is there any detail in the documentation about how to configure the fields.


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In the documentation for Oracle v3.0 release there is a section on Oracle configuration watch template. You can find it in the pdf guide named "Oracle_User's_Guide(UNIX).pdf" on page 59. A detailed description of reach field is provided. You can also refer the online documentation.

URL for Oracle 3.0 release- 

Note: You need to add parameters from init<db name>.ora or SPFILE<db name>.ora which is present in your ORACLE_HOME.

e.g parameter name is “max_dump_file_size” & value is “unlimited”