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Oracle control file DO NOT restore in RAC mode !

Created: 04 Jul 2012 • Updated: 04 Jul 2012 | 4 comments

Dear masters ,

I have a scenario to try backup/restore of tablespaces on my production Oracle servers.

my environment :  Oracle 11g-R2 (OEL 5.5)  -  Netbackup

I'm able to backup successfully without any error but when try to restore the instance completely or restore a deleted

tablespace i face errors..

This is important to mention that my procedure is SUCCESSFUL for FS (file system mode) Oracle databases BUT not for

RAC modes.

my procedure :

1- enabling controlfile autoback "on" and configuring channels (RMAN)

2- backing up of control file and tablespaces

3- creating of touch file (NO.RESTRICTION) on Netbackup server

4- startup nomount of instance (SQLPLUS)

5- set DBID (RMAN)

6- typing of RMAN commands on RUN (please refer to attached screenshot)

this procedure is OK for FS Oracle DB but I face the error ORA-06172 for RAC databases..

I tried to specify the correct piece handle name by the command :

5> restore controlfile from '/ctrl_xxxxxxxxx';

but the result was unsuccessful...

I will appreciate your comments...

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Touch file on master is called No.Restrictions  - case sensitive with just N and R in uppercase and 's' at the end.

To troubleshoot, you need the following logs:

On master: bprd (NBU needs to be restarted afted log folder is created).

On RAC node where restore is intiated from: dbclient log (ensure folder has 777 permissions).

Please also share details of backup job - which Client name (NB_ORA_CLIENT) is used for backup?
Which Client name is used for restore request (CLIENT_NAME in bp.conf)?

Please rename logs to reflect process name (e.g. bprd.txt) and post as attachments.

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Action: Modify autobackup search criteria or verify the handle

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

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Find below, an example to restore your control file from a backup NetBackup :

1) On your nbu client (connected with your oracle account), display list all files backup available with bplist command:

      [oracle@NBUCLNTORACLE bin]$ /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bplist -C NBUCLNTORACLE -t 4 -l -R /
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 20971520 May 06 03:40 /cntrl_1806_1_782538018
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 2571008K May 06 03:24 /al_1794_1_782537063
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 2561536K May 06 03:22 /al_1793_1_782536965
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 2558208K May 06 03:21 /al_1792_1_782536888
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 2458880K May 06 03:20 /al_1791_1_782536810
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 2545920K May 06 03:19 /al_1790_1_782536743
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 20971520 May 06 03:18 /bk_1789_1_782536700
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 24988416K May 06 03:05 /bk_1788_1_782535934
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 28007424K May 06 02:53 /bk_1787_1_782535208
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 29487104K May 06 02:43 /bk_1786_1_782534612
      -rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 45272576K May 06 02:25 /bk_1785_1_782533516

2) Shutdown your database and startup nomount:

      [oracle@NBUCLNTORACLE bin]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
      shutdown immediate;
      startup nomount;

3) Restore and copy your control files:

      [oracle@NBUCLNTORACLE bin]$ rman target / nocatalog

      run {
      restore controlfile to '/tmp/controlfile.ctl' from '/cntrl_1806_1_782538018';
      release channel CH01;

      run {
      replicate controlfile from '/tmp/controlfile.ctl' ;
      release channel CH01;

4) Mount your database:

      [oracle@NBUCLNTORACLE bin]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
      alter database mount;

5) now you can restore your database

Stephane COLIN

...... NBU Guy ..... 

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thank you masters... I will double check all of your recommendations and notice the results..